911 Memorial and World Trade Center Tour

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In addition to the memorial pools, you will also see the Survivor Tree, the Occulus, The FDNY Memorial Wall, The Sphere, America’s Response Monument, St. Paul's Chapel, and much more.

Katie will explain the background behind the memorial and museum as well as the surrounding buildings that make up the land once dubbed Ground Zero, including One World Trade and its observation deck.

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I was there just today (9/12/21). I saw an adult man touching the name of a loved one and weeping! It really shook me to the core. #NeverForget

Author — Sami Dalao


Thank you for doing this, as a disabled young woman I will never be able to visit new york due to my on going health issues. This means a lot. Thank you again, just wish I was able to go inside the museum and visit.

Author — Corrie Bingham


I visited the memorial in 2019 just before Covid-19 and it was the most eerie experiences of my life. Even with all the noise, it felt strangely quiet, I know that sounds a bit weird, but the water seemed to drown out the chaos. I will never forget the day I spent here and I feel deeply sorry for the people it impacted so tragically.

Author — Jay


Absolutely appreciated, as a native New Yorker currently living in Orlando. Tour was beautifully done. I was born and raised in The Bronx. I was 24 when I saw the towers attacked live on tv and it still breaks my heart at the memories of it. I had been to them many times over the years. As a family, we always made it a part of our tour spots whenever family came to visit us in NYC. Thank you so much for doing and sharing this video. Truly means a lot. Besides the many lives lost and impacted that day, our skyline has never been the same and that’s been heartbreaking to see your home attacked and changed in this way. Virtual hugs. #NeverForgotten #UnitedWeStand or at least many of us still do.

Author — nuyourrican


Hello from Australia! Loved the guided tour, very informative and I hope to see it one day for real!
When the guide was in the Oculus building and she was talking about the windows in the top of the building being placed specifically, I honestly thought she was going to say the light from the windows being shone down on the floor looked like the twin towers (33:17). But then she continued on talking about how it gives maximum light on the anniversary of 9/11.
Just an observation 😃

Author — Kristy Warner


Im so impressed by your knowledge of this area of the city, the details and the way you storytell is amazing

Author — zzz


I remember visiting this. I was only 8 and had little understanding but I was heartbroken about it. I looked at every name and said a prayer for their family’s. I hung over the side admiring the pools. We were there for hours and my parents said I was raised right to pay all that respects. They said it was a little thing from a big heart

Author — Emma🐸


Thank you so much for such an interesting and informative tour. I'm in UK and would love to visit New York one day to see the beautiful memorial plaza and the new buildings, which are awesome in design. So much I didn't know, but loved the story of the survivor tree, very moving and poignant. The first responders were so brave and courageous that day and beyond, its heartbreaking how many were lost. A day nobody will ever forget, but to see how New York has rebuilt, provides hope for the future. Thank you again and best wishes to all in New York from UK.

Author — Stephanie Evans


Thank you, appreciated the video! I was in the city for a one of my work trips (April 2016) & finally had the chance to go down to the memorial, etc. The Survivor Pear tree was blossoming first. The museum was just stunning on so many layers. So much has changed given Covid, much quieter down there now.

Questions: Did you have to have an escort (saw another person in the glass/reflection) when you were on ground zero & then you mentioned having to leave stealth-fully before walking over to Liberty park, what did you mean by that?

Author — ps4peace


Glad to see that the WTC is being rebuild one building at a time. This is a testament to the resilience of not just NYC, but America as a whole.

Author — Gregory Drakes


Beautiful tour, perfectly paced, great narration with lots of interesting facts! Thank you! :)

Author — arunrchaturvedi


I’m absolutely in Awe it’s so beautiful this memorial with the pretty trees 🌲. Great 👍🏼 job I absolutely love ❤️ this area so awesome 👏 with all the beauty. It also acts as a reminder and symbol of what happened on that dreadful day. God Bless all that lost 😞 their lives and God Bless America 🇺🇸.

Author — Billy Shears


This is a tremendous walking tour of World Trade Center area. Awesome narration!! Thank you for your very hard work.

Author — RustedTelevisione


The memory of that day is celebrated with the memory of the fallen heroes. I still get tears 😂 we I watch. I love the memorial pools, where the north and south towers stood. I cried 😿 the day it happened, I could not believe my eyes. I live in Oregon and felt the pain here.

Author — Jan Breiland


My impossible bucket list. How I wish one day, I can pay my respect to all the people who sacrifice and lost their lives during the time of horrible act of terrorism.

Author — Kenneth Brent Pohl


Thank you so much for making this video and for the information. I dream about traveling to NY someday but my health limits me right now. I also have always been curious about the areas and buildings around the WTCs but nobody in any documentaries ever shows those details so this has been an excellent fulfillment of that missing detail and placement of where everything is in relationship to each other. Thank you so much 😊

Author — lesia romaniuk


This is a great video. I was a sophomore in high school during 9/11. I'm from Detroit. That day instantly made me an adult. I've never been to NYC but always wanted to go and this is a must see for me. I really hope I can handle it. I don't know how I can re live that emotion again

Author — Detroit313Loyalty


WOOW...these walking tours are full of history! Thanks for making these; most YouTube videos is just walking, but I actually love these types of videos where u get to learn about the city and the history of it. It reminds me of my friend (a teacher) who made a city way more interesting when walking inside of it. Thank you.

Author — smonster


Loved this informative video, I’m from the uk but I remember being on holiday with the wife and kids in the uk the day 911 happened, it was a very sad day for everyone who died or lost someone that had died, I remember going out that night but nobody was really in the mood to be entertained, it took men with balls of steel to build the twin towers, but it took cowards to bring them down, love from the uk.

Author — Brett Keepin


Can you believe me, that I cried almost a year about innocent victims?
Those twins also were very tremendously beautiful, since they had nothing extra-unneccessary construction elements in its architecture. Skyscrapers as they are in its meaning and first association with the word 'skyscraper' appears in my mind - they are.
From Kiev, Ukraine

Author — Ý :