The Curious Life of a Mars Rover | Nat Geo Live

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The Curious Life of a Mars Rover | Nat Geo Live 5

Having helped design the Mars rovers Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity, NASA engineer Kobie Boykins reveals what these robots are telling us about the existence of life on the red planet.

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The Curious Life of a Mars Rover | Nat Geo Live

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Imagine how confused an alien would be if it saw the rover just stare at a sand dune for 2 days and eventually going over it

Author — Lowkey Straight


How can they operate a buggy on mars but my wifi can’t find my bedroom at the back of the house!

Author — L Gribb


Every lecture should be like this, learning with fun.

Author — haseeb khan


He is a great speaker. So interesting i didn't want to skip anything. Everything perfectly explained. Used simple words with powerful presentation

Author — Jose Saladin


And apple thinks adding a third camera to an iPhone is “innovative”...

Author — Coco G


“My battery is low. And it’s getting dark”

Author — Whitefang 73005


If this guy had been a teacher at my school I would have gone more often.

Author — longlowdog


"ecosystem for fish" is such a nice word for trash

Author — Foster_2204


I see the shine in the speaker's eyes at the end when he was talking about people seeing the earth setting, this guy is really passionate about his job no doubt

Edit : this comment has more likes than ive ever gotten and yet somehow i was never notified of them

Author — Astrobot


2.1k dislikes are from the flat mars society

Author — lividpudding


That ending dialogue was lit af. "There is going to be a human standing on mars and watch the Earth and the Sun set and i am waiting for that day."

Author — Ashwanth M


And 5 years later I'm watching this clip when NASA is about to send next Rover on the Mars.

Author — David Sharma


Can’t wait till the open the first Walmart on Mars

Author — Officer Ricky


Something I noticed about the sunset on Mars:
1. The sun appears smaller than what's seen here on Earth. Why? Coz Mars is farther from the sun than Earth.
2. Blue planet(Earth)=>Sunset is red.
Red planet(Mars)=>Sunset is blue.

Author — Bill C. Muguai


What a weak crowd for this absolutely wonderful speaker

Author — Venkatragavan Srinivasan


This was so cool and I don't know why but I feel like hugging this guy.

Author — Lucia Breccia


" I'm waiting for the day when human will stand on mars & say I'm watching a earth set & then I'm watching a sunset "
Elon Musk : I heard that dude 🤘

Author — Aditya Shinde


Little did they know that Oppy would “die” 3 years later

Rest in Piece Opportunity.

Author — Tɪɴʏ Jɪᴍɪɴɪᴇ


Glued to the screen. Unlike anything else I've ever watch. Great presentation, thank you.

Author — Sam Wilson


all thanks to the cameraman on mars who actually captured the documentary.

Author — Jeevan Acharya