12ga. DYNASLUG Sabot - The slug no one knew about - TESTED!

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

We test out the Dynaslug Express. This is a very exotic discarding sabot round that looks suspiciously like the Sauvestre round. But it has so many minor differences, I am not sure who made it. There were sold in the US but most people were unaware of that.

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I was just enjoying a video from one of my favorite channels and did not expect to hear you mention me. Thanks so much for all the entertainment and for helping me out guys!

Author — Buffalo's Outdoors


"It's smaller and skinnier than I expected". If I had a nickel everytime I was told that, no one would tell me that anymore.

Interesting video would not have guessed that would go through all the jugs. I think it would be cool to see these side by side to the Sauvestre slugs to see which was designed/manufactured better. Sabot show down if you will.

Author — Ben Filkins


From the outset, I had zero confidence in the extinct Dinosaur slugs tested today. After all, if the manufacturer can't even spell its own name correctly (they left out the A, letter #3) you know everything is on track to be pretty pathetic. Thanks for the shout out to ol' Buff in the heart of Kentucky. He was wearing an OG's Danger Show shirt in a recent post on his channel. That validates him as one of the Good Guys!

Author — Noah Count


I'm shocked it made through all six jugs. Maybe it's designed for hunting Water Buffalo.😁👍

Author — Sonny Pate


They look like they could be really good if they had a bit more brass and a bit more powder behind them. Scaled up, it could be good, maybe even make the whole thing brass.

Author — shawn hlebasko


As another commenter mentioned, perhaps a faster burning powder would have worked better for such a light slug. Give it a chance to build up some pressure, but not so much that you have to stick a thumb in it.

Author — Fudmottin


You guys are truly a class act. Thanks for your videos and your concern for a fellow YouTube creator.

Author — William Hoppe


Aww.. Danny, all slugs stabilize in heaven. Man, I miss his old school vibe. Thanks for keeping his spirit alive through things he respected and appreciated!!

Author — David Maynor


I really appreciate you putting out quality videos for us Jeff. I hope it never stops. Keep 'em coming my friend.

Author — Joshua Gibson


Cement is one of four main ingredients of concrete, the others being sand, gravel, and water

Author — Wickd Ghost


Thanks for keeping Danny around. I always love when hes mentioned.

Author — Consider the Logic


I was thinking that drilled out middle and filled with heavier metal might help. They also seem unstable because of the unpredictable behavior of the rear fin. I wonder if this was nylon? And if not, if using nylon would give better results?

Author — Jason W


The over-card wad in the DynaSlug is more than likely there to help “weather-proof” the round. Loading a slug that utilizes a split discarding sabot a rolled crimp potentially can allow moisture (rain) to wick along the seem of the discarding sabot and render the powder inert.

Author — gullreefclub


Buffalo is a good one.
He took the time to give me a personal, non-related response under one of his videos.
It's not a common thing, and I really appreciated it.

Author — Ric Havic


You guys continue to show such amazing community support. Thank you for all the great comedy too! One of my favorite channels!

Author — Bret Calobeer


You guys are the most entertaining educational content on YouTube! Even though the slugs were kinda lame, you still make me laugh and have a good time!

Author — Hunter Romanski


You guys make a number of wonderful videos, and an underwhelming vids once in a while, as expected. I enjoy them all. Thanks guys.

Author — gene lappe


I come here for the laughs and comedy, you guys never disappoint!

Author — William Borgeson


Nice test! Definitely good penetration with your load and the one through the jugs. Curious to see what it would do to a huge pork shoulder or uncooked ham.

Author — wilson rawlin


Cant wait to see it, they look devastating!!

Author — Jonathan Bowers