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Hi everyone, I'm back with a property buying video all about BUYING A FLAT OR APARTMENT. What to expect? What to look for? find out more in this video :)

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Great practical tips! Can I add one more? Check the ground rent if you're buying a leasehold flat. Ideally, you want the ground rent to be a peppercorn rent or zero. But if not, be careful of ground rent that starts high and/or doubles every 10 years (or more often than every 25/30 years). The higher the ground rent is and the quicker it increases over time, the more expensive it will be extend the lease if you ever need to...

Author — @SelfInvested


I bought a flat late last year in London and I’m really enjoying it so it annoys me too when people act like it’s a no no. My advice is that you should budget an extra £250 or so just in case your lender requires indemnity policies against rising ground rent and service charge. Usually the seller should buy it but it can also fall on you to pay it. Happened to me.

Author — @BA-lo6ro


Wow! went through all of that in 2019, I’m just so happy with my flat! I can remember each step like it was yesterday ☺️

Author — @graceallen8078


I have a viewing for a flat at the weekend in the midlands, there is an allocated parking space that comes with the flat. This video has been very helpful, thank you for your advice.

Author — @nathanmiller2982


Thank you so much for all your house buying tip videos. I’m a single black girl trying to make it! Much appreciated

Author — @Rose87


Just starting to think about all this myself and was completely clueless. All these terms meant nothing to me. This video explained it all so perfectly and made it all easy to understand. Thank you so much!

Author — @shippersiscool99


Checking the cleaning board is really good tip especially if you already have concerns about the cleanliness of the building.

Author — @IntentionalAdulting


Hey Jade, I love your video! As usual you are so full of knowledge and great tips! I wanted to ask you, where about on the right move app is the house/ flat previous sale price? I can only see the "nearby sold prices" tab.. thank you :)

Author — @sarahselina2155


These tips are great!! I've never really thought about buying a flat.

Author — @angie9402


Great video. Would also check if the flat has any cladding, save yourself a declined mortgage application 😅

Author — @no1gifted


Woo, just in time, i'm about to purchase a flat and these tips help.

Author — @TheAdultLife


Hi Jade, do you have advice on buying ex-council flats?

Author — @juliet9239


I saw a leasehold flat with 8 years- EIGHT YEARS left on the lease for £420k. Who in their right mind will buy this?

Author — @annrrf1464


Hi did u pay cash for your flat or could you get a mortgage?

Author — @moniquestuddart3945


Lovely I want to get 1 bed which areas are cheap? Around 100k? Please help?

Author — @Anewsandgossip


Please can you please help me as l require assistance. How can l get to talk to you or can be assisted?
Thank you for your time.

Author — @aniismohamud5060