[GPO] How To Obtain Dragon Claw

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How To Obtain Dragon Claw

simple guide on how to get dragon claw + trainer location, idk how to get sabo's pipe tho. also battle royale mode broken at the moment
more update 6 vids coming soon!

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Game: Grand Piece Online/GPO in Roblox

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💬 Comments

i don’t remember sabo having to play fortnite to obtain a martial arts skill

Author — M_0rz _


once you get all moves for claw, you get the pipe :>

Author — xxnahexx


My idea was getting dragon claw but for some reason i got 0 wins and 83 loses, I think im not able to get dragon claw

Author — DodginDummy


Do i need dragon claw activated so the win counts and it will give me a Move or can i just use a different fighting style?

Author — Gilbert Ronquillio


It's not just hard, it's impossible rn

Author — Nomustar


Thats lowkey cancerous but its also cool knowing the fact that you get pipe after you unlock all moves which is very cool

Author — Divine Hoov


i unlocked all moves just now and its very fun i recommend getting it its worth

Author — VeBi


"Directly north" proceeds to go to the right of north

Author — Captain Kenshi


Why didn’t they just make like any other FS and just make it unlockable with skill points or spars with the instructor of the FS ?

Author — Kairo_951


pls make a tutorial on how to stack the krakens with the hie bike

Author — lzrxrd


aint no way it needs that much effort. i havent even beat one royale yet

Author — Karmonee Leu


ive won like 5 times before i unlocked dragon claw but it didnt count so now i have to win 7 matches

Author — Juan


They made it so you play the game for longer kinda mid claw

Author — Jawatu


Ye Mrlumpia be posting gpo content again, gpo be rising again!

Author — Blueres


Does it have to be solos? And do you have to do the most damage in duos or squad if it’s aloud or just win and get a rare chest

Author — Dandaman


The requirements are easily be the reason why GPO is heavily fucked, with months for the update and it wasn't even good as expected

Author — Rente


If i have another fighting style and talk to vrael, he gives me the skill?

Author — NoxiusReaper


Btw previous season wins dont count towards it

Author — Chris


So, basically, you have to win Battle royale, you get dragon claw skill+ a legendary fruit?

Author — GamingG


What if iv won already enough before getting it will i have them unlocked?

Author — Javiqn