How Employers Could Be Spying On You While Working From Home

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How Employers Could Be Spying On You While Working From Home 5

Some managers and CEOs are turning to "productivity management" software to track their employees while they work from home. How do systems like this affect employees? And are there limits to the ways in which employers can track their workers in pursuit of productivity?

According to a new survey, 77% of workers want to continue to work from home at least once a week when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

But many managers worry that employees won’t work as much, or as hard, when they’re not in view. Consequently, some are turning to “productivity management” software to track their employees while they work from home.

One such software company, Prodoscore, said it has seen a 600% increase in interest from prospective customers since the pandemic hit. Another, TransparentBusiness, said it has seen a 500% spike in users month to month.

“We take a number of data points, be it a CRM tool that they are currently using, a phone system like a Vonage, an email system, it could be G Suite or Microsoft 365. We aggregate all those data points in a real time, proprietary dashboard that provides them a weighted score,” said Prodoscore CEO Sam Naficy. “All of it is recorded.”

But what kind of impact do systems like this have on workers? And are there limits to the ways in which employers can track their workers in pursuit of productivity?

“There are many employers that are looking at this and thinking this is a real opportunity to reshape work,” said Jamie Woodcock, a senior lecturer of people and organizations at The Open University. “Will it benefit people who are working and are now able to work in new ways? Or will it benefit employers who will find new ways to get the most out of people’s time they’ve bought to make people work even harder? ”

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You're Probably Being Tracked While You Work At Home

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Time tracking is in the past, work should be measured by results instead.

Author — Victor Hazbun


Tech manager for 10 years. My employees work best when I set clear goals and tasks, and then leave them alone. If I stand over their shoulder, they'll feel stressed and the work will take longer. What these ridiculous companies don't understand is that tracking software won't solve their poor leadership problems. If your leaders can't inspire your employees to work, even remotely, no amount of tracking software will make them more productive.

Author — Young Aries


Let’s spend an extra $20/hour to make sure the person we pay $10/hour does all the work.

Author — Steve D


Productivity scores? What a great way to promote QUITTING.

Author — artenman


I was fired during the pandemic because I was taking "too many breaks" based on the monitoring software results. As a graphic designer, I spend a decent amount of time sketching ideas on paper and I believe this was not taken into account but I didn't even defend myself from the accusations. I always delivered the work on time and I didn't feel like begging for a job that is focused on measuring productivity on a micro level...

Author — Shaina Estévez


Gosh what a horrible boss that bold guy must be...

Author — Loading now


The Prodoscore CEO guy seems gross. Listening to him talk literally made my skin crawl. I would hate to work with a narcissistic personality.

Author — Randi BooksAndMascara


The padoscore CEO is the guy who is the epitome of the stupid micro-management...cant work for such untrusty and definitely not a workable place.

Author — Deepak Harish


That Prodoscore CEO seems like a tool.

Author — Johnny Angel


When an Employer tracks their Employees, It tells the Employer that they don't trust the Employee to get their work done. It's totally invasion of privacy.

Author — Ryan


Prodoscore dude is super insecure and has major trust issues.

Author — King Kang


I think employees should be able to monitor the bosses who want this tracking software.

Author — Jeremy Gibbs


Micro management doesn't work. It gives worker anxiety. If you have a slacker then you will notice by what is front of you not by software. My department is a make sure you get the job done mentality and I love it because I enjoy getting tasks done. Now another department has this software that does track when you use the bathroom and that is unsettling. You don't trust your employees that much?

Author — Alex Saber


The CEO insists on measure employees' productivity with surveillance apps, but he measures his own productivity with results. What a double standard smh

Author — sar


I do not agree with this at all. I am more productive when I am able to freely work with my customers and understand their needs. That is what I care about. Gitlab is 100% right- measure results not hours spent.

Author — azgirl


I’m sure urging your employees to perform at 100% everyday as if they’re robots won’t do any harm in the long run. I’m sure there won’t be an uptake in prescription anti-depressants and adhd medication in the future.

Author — Pliny Elder


this is bad for people's stress level and mental health....this will put undue pressure and stress much higher than if you went to work

Author — Elephant In The Room


When he said "I want to 'feel' my employees, " I got some creepy vibes from that guy.

Author — The Desi Lifestyle


As a business owner: I don't expect my employees to cut MY expenses, by paying for their own work-furniture, electric, water, coffee, toilet paper and so on, AND to spy on them. I'm not a monster XD

Author — Click&Tell


Putting pressure on to produce is never a good idea...Having this pressure at home is worse.

Author — Olivier Raynaud