Inkscape for Beginners: Vector Abstract Background Tutorial

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Similar to my low poly portrait tutorial, only using a quicker method more suitable for this sort of design. This will also be an introduction for the Mesh Gradient tool.

This tutorial is for Inkscape version 0.92 and is intended to teach beginners how to use the software. Inkscape is a great free alternative to Illustrator and Corel Draw.

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Intro song: "In Da Mood" by Combustibles, used with written permission

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8:56 after you colored the first triangle you can just use the "Tab" Key to toggle between the triangles so you don't need to switch the tools every time.

Author — Mario S.


I know this video is for a much older version of Inkscape but I just found it and am enjoying it, I do have one issue tho. When generating the Voronoi Diagram, no matter what I do it does not generate a clean set of triangles. Many of the lines are linking to circles way on the other side of the rectangle bypassing a circle right next to the origination point. I tried several of the suggestions below but none seem to help. Any ideas?

Author — Cayo Buay


Great tutorial Nick! For those of you who have the problem with messy lines make sure you do not duplicate before using the SPACE BAR duplicate method. It's just enough to grab a circle and use the SPACE BAR to create copies of that. TLDR : Don't CTRL + D before you use SPACE BAR to create copies.

Author — Cazimir Roman


I had problems with getting the triangles to work properly, as others mentioned in the comments. However, some of the tips others gave didn't work so here's what I tried (not sure if anyone else mentioned it but I didn't see it). I started over with the circles and when I made them I went around the border (clockwise) first then when I made the duplicates inside the box I made them close together as I moved around the box vs making them all over in more random spots. I thought that perhaps an internal layering order in the software might be trying to connect those that had been made (duplicated) close in order of when they were made and not relative to where they were physically. If that makes any sense. Well, that worked for me in any case. Thx!

Author — Rachel Bruner


You consistently upload tutorials on topics that I find myself thinking about the previous day. you, sir, are a wizard.

Author — Paul Figueiredo


Hey Nick! I would like to say that I absolutely love your tutorials so far 👍

Second thing is that I am using Inkscape version 1.1.1, and I followed every step only to land up having the triangulation design with too many weird lines and becoming oversized. The good thing is, I got it fixed (thanks to the Stack Exchange forum) by either converting the circles to paths and then adding in the design, or leaving the circles as it is and downsizing the design to the size of the rectangle with the mesh grid colours. Lastly, make sure to have no overlapping duplicate dots, and the dots along the edge of the rectangle should be random on every edge (number and spacing wise), not copied and pasted.

Just wanted to leave this comment here in case anyone stumbles into a similar problem like this.

Thank you again! 😄

Author — Treveni Mukherjee


For the selections, its possible to select on circle then using the "Select same" function.

Author — Fabricio de Oliveira Silva


I appreciate and love your tutorials!

I’m still new to all of this. In my practice of this technique, I reduced the strokes making the tiles (and do this for low poly res as well) to .03 px; and when coloring the fill, use the same color for the stroke. There’s no need to duplicate the image a couple of times because there’s no white space that needs to be filled and the image still looks fantastic.

Thank you for all you share with us!

Author — Pursuit of Blyss


Your tutorials are extremely helpful! However, when I make the Voronoi diagram, the lines are intersected and not well shaped as yours. I followed everything u did but I dunno why it happens :(

Author — Ekhlass Almuqbali


It's beautiful work, and I really like your videos. Top quality stuff: classy, slick, great choice of subjects, and I'm learning a lot. Unfortunately I'm still brand new to Inkscape (and I only started on Gimp 4 months ago), so 'complicated, intuitive' things like your tool-choice, menu selections and mouse movements happen a bit too quickly for me to follow. I keep thinking 'Huh? What? Why did you need to -?' and by then you've moved on. Of course it will all seem obvious after a while - like developing muscle-memory for playing the violin - but at the moment I haven't quite reached the status of 'Beginner', so I'm having to watch each video in 5 second segments! Ah well; it's a good excuse to watch everything again. And again. And again... :-)

Author — Elli P


I've tried multiple times when making the lines, with the same result. I am 100% positive I've followed the directions correctly and have tried multiple ideas to fix my problem. I seem to not be able to get the lines to connect to the ones next to each other. But still, great tutorial! Fantastic!

Author — Patrick Massie


I'm having a little trouble getting the triangulation to work. The pattern is distorted (not a set of contiguous triangles) also the perimeter is completely closed off. I read on reddit that I needed to ensure that not of the green circles were overlapping, but that didn't fix my problem. Is there something else I could try in order to get something similar to the pattern seen in the video?

Author — Joel J.


For me, the Delaunay Triangulation didn't work the way it did in the video. I had a few overlapping triangles which weren't too difficult to fix with the "edit paths by nodes" tool.

Author — Jose B


Is there any way to get the triangles colored automatically? I'm using that effect quite often and its just soooo timeconsuming.

Author — Good Guy


Layer 1 was set to 1280x720 but I think that the final outcome has these dimensions minus the diameter of the green circle used. Thank you for all the inspiring work you put into these tutorials for the comunity!

Author — chradu


Your tutorials are really helpful Nick (i'm in love with your logos), just one question how i convert this proyect to jpeg? i really can't find any option, or if you have a video explaining it please let me know :) thank you!

Author — Paulina Escobar


In Inkscape there are multiple keystrokes for most common items... try S for Selection and D for Dropper, easier that the F-keys

Author — Brian Beck


Nick, as all have said thank you for taking time to do these tutorials. They have helped me tremendously! I don't know if you take requests, but could possibly do a stainless steel cup or word similar to your chrome tutorial? Again thank you!

Author — Jeff Zumwalt


Dude, you have hands down the best tutorials! Boom!

Author — Daniel Padin


thanks a bunch Nick for these great tutorials they're pretty helpful, btw I was wondering, can we set these settings as default? 0:51
it'll be so much easier to work with a set of rules that suits the type of work i'm into.

Author — Saeed A.