Full Fight | Anthony Joshua Vs Carlos Takam TKO

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28th October 2017 | Anthony Joshua won on TKO against Carlos Takam, who replaced the injured Kubrat Pulev, in the 10th round in Cardiff to retain his WBA, IBF and IBO World Heavyweight titles. #AJBXNG

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I believe Joshua would've won regardless but I think this was a bit of an early stoppage. Still, What a great fight!

Author — Cail Westervelt


I know Takam's eyes weren't in good condition, but still can't help feel the ref deprived everyone of the proper knockout.

Author — Ben Ali Alfakhri


Takam has an iron chin to be taking hits like that from AJ

Author — Mahdi Kassem


How come the media acted like this was a bad performance, it was a good performance, just Takam is tough

Author — jb


Takam had Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner eating all them Punches. Respect.

Author — OGprince


A J is my number one, but l respect Takam.

Author — Sack Chris


Stoppage was early... no doubt about it but Takam wasn’t winning anything.... he was still in the fight though 🤷‍♂️

Author — Charles Fidler


Won every round but apparently this was evidence of AJ struggling.

Author — SufamiDan


They were entertaining the audience well. That looks like an early stop. Tekam was strong. Well done. And the man himself, AJ

Author — footballfreak


lmao the ref looks like the guy stoping a fight in the streets let them finish for god sake he took it the whole games to stop him now

Author — mohamed Amine


I still wait the two last final puchs to KO Taham 😂😂😂

Author — Evariste Ndabanye


It's takams health that was on the line. Ref done excellent job. You don't want more damage this is boxing not streetfight.

Author — Mzuvukile Mbangata


Before the ref stopped the fight, Joshua missed three times, which means, that Takam was still right there, and since AJ was gassing, this premature stoppage might have even saved him from facing a bit more adversity

Author — A. v.G.


Bad stoppage, Takam deserved better. Great fight.

Author — benji230


Oh Anthony Josh luher😂😂 weller fans will know

Author — Pussy bitch 69


slips a punch, dodges a punch, ducks a punch....
ref: "its over"

Author — SuperJKing


The referee did a good job stopping the fight, good judgment by the referee preventing more damage to Takam. And salute to Joshua Anthony for just calculating his punch as he knew his opponent can't take it anymore. GOD Bless!

Author — Jovito Del Prado


When is Joshua going to fight Wilder or Fury? Just asking?

Author — Michael Petrovich


Great sportsmanship showed in this fight by both fighters

Author — Charlie Sweeney


Joshua be worthy of win thinking Takam have not been rival I am . Thanks you dedication to sports

Author — le minh