The Immense Size of Our Universe Visualized with Space Engine

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UPDATE: the diameter of our observable universe is estimated to be about 93 billion light-years, NOT 28 billion light-years like the video text states. so our observable universe is 2.9 times larger in diameter than what's visible in the video.

Space Engine travel speed is the fastest possible, without missing closer stars and galaxies!

Traveling to the Edge of the Observable Universe
using Space Engine to show the immense amount
of planets, stars and galaxies.

Universe Diameter in Space Engine: 32 billion light-years
Observable Universe Diameter: 93 billion light-years

Video by: efeuEntertainment
17750 Pictures exported from Space Engine
After Effects render time: 110min

soundtrack: (CC license)
MatizEntonado (2008), by Quetzalbwattio

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And I'm worried about a job i like these videos, makes me feel insignificant.

Author — Frank Romero


Fun fact: the speed of traveling in this video was constantly going up and went beyond the speed of light very soon in the video. By the end of the video as we were moving through galaxies, the travelling speed was around 100 milion times faster than the speed of every second we went the distance that the light travels in 100 milion years. I recommend you to install Space Engine from steam and try that yourself. The WoW effect of the size of the space will be much more significant to you once you will be the person moving through that space and controlling the actual speed of the camera. Trust me. It is worth it

Author — Perfecto


Imagine. A Youtuber Anton Petrov can navigate all the way back to the Earth from Milky Way's border without using tools to view names of clusters, stars or other objects. He has memorized the relative location of Earth in the Milky Way and uses memory to pinpoint known objects and travels through them back to our own system. He has made a video about this too. Pretty amazing.

Author — Witgu


and somewhere out there is a place where I don’t have to hear about the expiration of my vehicles warranty.

Author — Sloppyballs McGuillicutty


Everyone is talking about the tiny spec of lights, no one is talking about the endless space(nothingness) in which they are all contained

Author — Stanley Azubuike


“Few people realise the immensity of vacancy in which the dust of the material universe swims.” ― H.G. Wells,

Author — Me&MyShadow


One of those uncountable specks of light is our Sun. The very source of heat, light and energy worshipped as a god by our earliest ancestors since the dawn of our species... but how insignificant is this god compared to our galaxy... and even our galaxy itself eventually joining the uncountable insignificance... in the so-called Universe. And yet, human pride and hubris...

Author — Do Fostaine


If the sun was the size of the period of this sentence, the next nearest star would be 3 miles away.

Author — Pork Abobo


Thank you cameraman to go in universe to make the video for us...

Author — Mohammed Farid Khan


All those thousands of millions of galaxies passing by - This is huge and insane.

Author — Sttafilo


Lightspeed is too slow. What we need is Ludicrous speed.

Author — Liberate tuteme ex inferis


Awesome video, and this is only the observable universe too

Author — Unrell


I know it's been said many times, but the incredible depth and beautifully cluttered vastness of space is so stunning. Realizing the scope of it was earth shattering for my brain. I love it. I eat it up for dinner.

Author — DrainedEyes


The Milky Way was more then half of the video! That really was a amazing way to show just how ginormous it is & small we are...

Author — fiji wizard


Looks like warp speed watched out of a rear window. I love it. 🖖

Author — Daniel Häusser


Have always wanted to see a simulation like this… thank you

Author — ROB LOPEZ


Considering all stars as dots and 1 light year as 1 cm, nearest star to sun will be 4 cm from sun and size of universe would be sphere radius equal to distance between earth and moon.

Author — ScienceVideosFan


No matter if you zoom out into the universe or zoom down into an atom you still find the same thing, spherical bodies orbiting a center of gravity.

Author — Level13Paladin


I watched the entire video and I still cannot comprehend it.

Author — eddie harcourt


Nothing with mass can travel faster than light -the space engine “hold my galaxy super clusters”

Author — Cleuy Jensen