Dennis Rodman Becomes Supreme Leader of the Cold Tub | Cold as Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network

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Dennis Rodman Becomes Supreme Leader of the Cold Tub | Cold as Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network 5
All hail the newest Cold as Balls ambassador: Chicago Bulls legend, Dennis Rodman. And Dennis is NOT holding back. Watch him tell Kevin about going to jail over 100 times, rocking a wedding dress, and getting a contusion on his…well, you'll see.
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What memory comes to mind when you hear the name, Dennis Rodman?

Author — LOL Network


Hate him or love him

Dennis Rodman gonna die knowing he did everything he wanted to and lived life to the fullest.

Author — TheConqueror b


"im not paid to be nice, im paid to win" - Dennis Rodman 💪

Author — netflix N' Chill


He said “she was ur size... five foot nothing” 😂😂😂😂

Author — Cesar Lucatero


Dennis is misunderstood, but the guy has a good heart.

Author — The Trey King Show


Dennis has a laugh that just makes me laugh everytime lmao

Author — Drip Wellington


Dennis just lounging in that ice bath like he's in a Jacuzzi lol not bothered

Author — Indigo Girl


I like Dennis, he really don't gaf he just does whatever he likes

Author — Amadou Ndiaye


Dennis that one chill grandpa who smokes a blunt with you

Author — Sharkiaha


Rodman is an example of a human that hasn’t been programmed by our society

Author — RJ Beats


We still haven't seen another Rodman on or off the court.

Author — Ueno Ocean


His nose pierces stretched his nostrils. He really does look like THE Chicago Bul.

Author — myquest08


Dennis Rodman’s story about meeting Kim Jon Un is almost the same as when James Franco met him in The Interview



“Thank you white hand”

Kevin hart 2019

Author — DeezyPGTV


Rodman chillin in ice like he was born a polar bear.

Author — Anthony Jonas


Dennis is the ambassador of being yourself he was way ahead of his time Mike Tyson buzzy bone tech9 and rodman some of my favorite people

Author — 4thecollectors27


"white hand". Lol... I've never watched this and that just won me over.

Author — David Ech


“That’s Kevin Hart right?” 😂 people think he was joking but he wasn’t 😂

Author — Santonio Santonio


I died when Rodman said “she’s like your size five foot nothing” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

Author — Ismael Valdez


Rodman isn’t as strange as people think. Dude just does his own thing.

Author — MMFC