Trump attends royal state banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth II

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Trump attends royal state banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth II 4.5

Credit: Pictures from BCA | Donald Trump enjoyed all the trappings of a royal state banquet when the U.S. president was received by Queen Elizabeth on Monday, which included a four-course meal, more than 2,000 pieces of silver-gilt cutlery and a toast from the queen.

While this is the first time Trump and his wife Melania have experienced a royal British banquet, the queen is used to such occasions: it is the 113th time Queen Elizabeth has hosted a state visit.

Elizabeth will give a speech and a toast, and Trump will also be expected to say a few words ahead of the banquet.


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I can't wait to see the real Royal Highness The Lord Jesus Christ

Author — jefris


First Lady Melanie looks a Queen 🇺🇸

Author — Ingrid


If Harry and Meghan were there, Trump could of sat across the table and said “you’re fired” 😂

Author — London Lundy


Adrenachrome fits you well Madame Queen!

Author — Kelly Huntington


So do I! Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess, that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD ! HE ALONE!!

Author — hunfelicia


" our fight is against evil ". Remember that.

Author — pretty girl


I am 72 years and I owe my life to all these leaders of the past and all the many soldiers who fought for us during the second world war. I have not known one day of war. I am truly blessed and i am so gratelful to all the brave people who fought for us then and who fight for us today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Author — Denyse Phenix



Author — Karina Jackson


Yes good relationship between the two countries are very important, past, today and the future!!!

Author — Big Charlie


Happy New Year Jerusalem 2020
God Save the Queen
God bless America
God bless Mr. President
Greetings from S.Korea street person
Korea US Alliance Forever
I love Jesus and Jesus LOVES me.

Author — 주상희


Orchestra is Unbelievable...Songs are played so beautifully!

Author — William Travis


Her majesty is one of the greatest woman of our time she is still a boss and still elegant as ever god bless the queen

Author — Noel Bradford


I like this that Trump is thanking God for helping winWW II

Author — Vilma Villegas


This is my first time hearing the queens voice lol

Author — Windsor Bound


Never has the upper-lip been stiffer. She does well under all circumstances, the Queen.

Author — snowline West


Lucky Prince Charles gets the gorgeous First Lady as his partner. Love from Australia 🇦🇺

Author — Margy Rowland


wow, I have to say it again wow, this is royalty and my president is sitting with the queen and first lady at the front of the table.

Author — VicVal


Seriously this is amazing to know where this corrupt America came from that they forget to acknowledge that they were part of Britan.

But I wonder if blessed Queen ever comes across Romans 15:19-21 From Jerusalem to Rome 1980 Years Christianity THE GOSPEL THAT UNITES.
If they forget to unite Christianity how do they expect to unite with Arabs and turn them to true faith.

Or Daniel 8:22 from 322 B.C ILLYRICUM.

Author — IAM HE


Melania brings class as First Lady of the United States. Elegance regal slim and tall and poised.

Author — Patricia I.


Revelation 11: 18 is coming to LIFE, roll on Armageddon, it’s so near dear Bros and Sisters. Vincent Gauci Gozo Malta.

Author — Vincent Gauci