Will Ferrell & My Marianne - Double Trouble

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Will Ferrell & My Marianne - Double Trouble 5

How can something so wrong feel so right?

Lars & Sigrit Love Story 4К
Movie: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix)
Music: Will Ferrell, My Marianne - Double Trouble

Ellie & Aster - Faded
Lara Jean & Peter Kavinsky - About Love
Devi & Paxton - Ugly Heart

"Double Trouble" is available here:

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💬 Comments on the video

I wasn't expecting so many good songs in this movie. The film is better than I expected

Author — kamil niedziolka


Fire Saga should make a cameo at the next real Eurovision contest playing this song. That would be hilarious! 😂

Author — riceeaterz


I started watching this as a joke, just to see how stupid it was, but I quickly realized I was wrong. This movie was surprisingly funny and moving

Author — Emily Rehaume


I know this is just a comedy so people don't care, but Rachel McAdams' acting is pretty damn amazing.

Author — Raz


This is one of those movies that has a soul, trust me.
Edit: thanks for all these likes.

Author — Farid Pasha


I cried when all the countries started giving points to Iceland. Lmao I did not expect to like this movie so much

Author — sergio vela


I know that in the movie they were supposed to be third class artists. But in real life this song could win Eurovision... easily.

Author — Ronnet


This movie gets ten points for the Rare Netflix Movie that Doesn't Suck contest.

Author — Connor Dayman


As a Eurovision fan I had so little expectation on this movie that I can’t believe how good it was. I’m ready for a sequel (or at least an interval act in Rotterdam)

Author — Carlos Galicia


The dislikes only want Ja Ja Ding Dong.

Author — pogimax


I just love that this film didn’t need to make anyone some horrible ‘baddie’. Honestly, it was just so refreshing.

Author — Volvican


"Mother Russia does not agree" kills me :(

Author — AmandaPandah


-Graham Norton 2020

Author — annim hahs


"You deserve to be happy too". 
"Mother Russia does not agree". 
If this is not one of the most heartbreaking moments in the history of cinematography, I don't know what is.

Author — warriorgr


The trailer didn't do justice to the movie. I loved and definitely forgot for two hours whats going on in our world right now.

Author — Jesus Gonzalez


probably the best anti depression medicine ever made.

Author — Guido Eickmeyer


I love when a defeated Sigrit goes backstage and someone tries to take a video but his band mate pushes his phone down. That's one of the sweetest gestures I've seen in a movie.

Author — Destiny Kruse


Was not expecting to like this movie, let alone the songs. These songs are bangers!

Author — Tee Tee


This song is better than 80% of actual Eurovision entries

Author — Ala M


I didn't see her as Regina, but as Sigrit. And that is a sign of how nicely she adapted to the character

Author — Ravinna