Welcome to BOMPTON's Most Notorious PIRU Set

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00:00 Spending the day with the West Side Piru in Compton
00:49 Welcome to the West Side Bompton ft @phopho8ight567
03:00 Going to Centennial High the famous Piru school in Compton
04:54 Piru Street is the heart of Bompton
05:14 Notorious Tam's in Compton
05:20 Deuce Line
05:40 The Canal area
05:50 Freestyling in Compton
06:09 The West Side Pirus in the Enterprise Park ft YS @ys30shot_149
10:30 Compton gang politics ft @bompton_boogalue_media
11:27 There are no Bloods in Compton
11:50 The East and the West side of Compton
12:40 Is Compton Dangerous
15:42 Peace treaty between Compton hoods
16:26 Compton Piru jail politics
18:05 Joining a gang
21:55 Gonzales Park in Compton
24:05 Campanella West Side
24:40 West Side Piru territory in Compton
25:50 Bompton and Barson West Side Pirus
26:29 Comparing Compton to other cities in America ft Lil L @im_luxxkjr and Kee Riches @keeriches

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That little kid with the basketball has vision. I hope nobody takes that from him. He's already talking about how he sees himself as a grandparent when most kids in the hood barely think they'll make it to 21.

Author — @jermaineflowers1538


10:31 - 21:51 salute to bro he spoke a lot of realness! Knows how to express himself well! This vlog was 🔥🔥🔥

Author — @kaynemartin8491


Dude spit real knowledge about not gangbanging and how school is not always the best way. Financial literacy and taking care of your family and being yourself. One love from ChiTown

Author — @danielgreywolf8771


I like how he’s admitting that he feels pain from the experience he had. Just makes it real, and there’s room to make better choices. The man at 10:40 had very powerful things to say.

Author — @butterfly2light849


From 10:43 - This guy was so calm and described life in such an easy manner. No bias, no bragging, just this is life, this is how it is, make your choices. One cool dude!

Author — @edenjs1503


That baby boy with the big dreams and basketball. Protect him and our future little ones. Hope this kid gets all the scholarships 🧡

Author — @crnwalker


This was fire, salute to the Piru set. Brothers were dropping straight knowledge. Nothing wrong with having a 9 to 5 that's grown man talk. I enjoyed and appreciated this video.

Author — @marcelgob3813


The little boy at the 7:34 mark is so sweet & smart. I hope he keep that mindset & I hope he become successful at everything he said he want to do in this video

Author — @Mia-dl6um


Was real dope seeing the young brother at 7:36 really hope the best for him. And glad the area is supporting the young yute, bless up 🙏🏿

Author — @JJ_876


The interview with the bro in the grey hoodie was talkn some real shit!! Big ups brodie! Much respect✊🏽💯

And I hope lil man really live out his dream of playn in the NBA! Anything you put your mind to is definitely achievable lil bro…stay on the grind!!

Author — @roneyrone2078


Man its refreshing to see some hoods still have morals and values. Not just some lost demons running around killing people

Author — @michaeljordan1982


Salute to the guy talking around 10:42 . You can tell he is a genuine person . The game he was giving is priceless respect

Author — @truckertalktv8390


You are definitely one of the journalist/media personalities/ videographer who are documented are history our culture from the natives to the Latinos/Latina’s to the Afro Americans are tribes are all over the United States and you do a great job recording our history

It’s time to embrace our truth like the OG in the hoody said just because we from the set DONT mean we supposed to make our hood look trash and keep it dirty

I know it’s long but we appreciate you hoodvlogs

Keep grinding much love

Author — @ShysHubby


Much love to All the Piru’s that’s speaking a positive message💪🏽

Author — @marvinpowerwilliams5373


@20:33 I like this man and I pray and hope that he makes it out the hood untouched and his life is full of riches in love, money and respect! 💯 He dropping Gems in this video.

Author — @yournotdatguypal


Big respect and salute to the brother speaking at around 10:43 he spoke so much knowledge and sense .

Author — @KOP1968


Big ups to the other young man who says there’s nothing wrong with a 9 to 5 to take care of your family see these young guys are starting to see what it really is to have brotherly love the awakening has started most high bless

Author — @paulkendall2932


My respects to you guys use this channel to spread positivity and not really talking shit about your enemies and all that

Author — @bryanmendez7411


18:30 listen closely kids. He used this platform to spread positive vibes amongst
Our people/kids in the community.


And also just to chime in on what the brother said about school, stay in school though But I get what he's saying.

The plan is too heal and protect the world so everyday you wake up that should be your main focus.

School is a great place if you study hard enough It's a stepping stone to propel yourself to a good position 😉



This part of Compton Kendrick from, crazy what he made himself into against all odds. Legendary for anyone else too, rappers, b ball players, doctors, lawyers, college grads shoot just survivors really

Author — @hashslingingslasher2613