Deadly Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas as storm impacts US I Nightline

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Deadly Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas as storm impacts US I Nightline 4.5


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shows you how much we should appreciate life everyday. sorry for your loss Bahamas 🇧🇸

Автор — vincent martine


damn those guys are really dedicated to their jobs ..they could've died !

Автор — sorrowsuperstar10


The reporter in the Bahamas was fearless!!!

Автор — Haya Glamazon


That's crazy I'm glad that it's over for them. May the ones that died be blessed with peace. May the survivors see that life is short and materials are replaceable

Автор — raymond sutton


This is petrifying . I was just in a major flood that happend a couple moths ago in Australia .with almost the whole town gone and that was really scary let alone this.

Автор — Matt Tyrie


Truly excellent reporting. But wow! How will these people recover!?

Автор — Richard Samsung


Such a tragedy. Solid journalism. Hope the world responds.

Автор — Jessica Bennetts


Theres litterly nothing left. Didnt even see any movement in last video.

Автор — B.J. Hinote


Wow. My moms friend Sarah had her parents there. I hope they didn’t die. And the others. Please pray for them.

Автор — Jun Selg


My prayers go out to everyone in the Bahamas stay strong

Автор — Cathleen McFadden


Gm to all I am Trinidad and Tobago and my heart is hurting so much to see what they going tru I wish I was there to help but I have them all in my prays it's so sad

Автор — Malissa rudder


These guys are doing a great job bringing the news . Thank you . A lot better than that CNN guys standing in puddles pretending to be blown away lol

Автор — Bryan waggoner


Hurricanes didn’t use to stop and hover. Harvey did the same to Houston. Must be fun times for Satanic Globalist Scum feeling all that power in their fingertips.
Wake up Sheeple!

Автор — Russell Spade


I’ve seen this before. S Florida 92 ! Homestead. ANDREW ! Had my 4 year old on my lap as my brother and I said good bye to each other . Didn’t think we would survive the night.

Автор — Melissa Kardos


I remember how Maria hit Puerto Rico. It's always the poor and the disadvantaged who get the worst of it.

Автор — Ilia Pagan


All of the material stuff we accumulate and treasurer for years are trashed in an instant when Mother Nature throwdown!

Автор — Conjurer Woman


Omg the part where the lady praying with her baby in arms just broke my heart to pieces 😢😔💔 praying Bahamas gets thru this tough time and anyone affected by this monster of a hurricane

Автор — Janeth J.


Cruise ships get on board and open up your vessels

Автор — JD God's Child


It just shows how helpless we're against mother nature's fury

Автор — Daniel Ram


Prayers going out to Bahamas my heart is melting am studying all the children love coming from Trinidad

Автор — Mia mia Baby