Chip seq (chromatin immuno-precipitation followed by sequencing)

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This video describes the basic concepts and use of chromatin immunoprecipitation in a concise manner and also describes how this technique is used to detect DNA protein interaction in Vivo.

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A short, concise, comprehensive and to-the-point explanation. I subscribe without hesitation, keep up the good work.

Author — Anh Minh Do


Thanks for your efforts in making these useful videos. I searched for a video about RNA-seq in your channel but couldn't find any, haven't you made a clip on it?

Author — Fazel Amirvahedi


Hello, I have a doubt. Could you please tell if we can use this technique to differentiate between histones and a transcription factor (that is specific to a particular gene)? If yes, then how to interpret the results so as to differentiate them? And if no, then what technique can I employ to differentiate between a histone and a TF? Please help

Author — Sristi _


It is necessary to mention that if you are studying a transcription factor, it will bind to either promoters or enhancers, meaning that the qPCR primers should be designed for these regions and not to the open reading frames of the gene itself

Author — Sandra Carolina Ordóñez Rubiano


Beautifully explained, keep up the good work

Author — Lin Mingwan


Very good!
I'm also a doctoral student. (Immunology, IIT KGP)

Author — Biswajit Biswas


Sir, for details about Chip Seq which book should I refer to?

Author — Lulu Gonmei


You made it easy to understand. The visual representation is nice..

Author — Sipra S. Panigrahi


You are doing great job buddy excellent teaching thank u
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Author — hemant k


Sr thank u for this vdo it's really helpful for me u create learning so easy pls make the more vdoes for us on technique's
Like RLM race Elisa Ria electroencephalogram
Pls Sr pls make more vdoes

Author — Backbenchers bio


thank you for your video it was very helpful

Author — Massinissa Benbelkacem


It's help a lots to understand technique

Author — Study With Sanjoy Das


HEY HI ARPAN could you nmake transcrition run off assay video

Author — Quick Biology