The Entire History of France in 23 Minutes

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The Entire History of France in 23 Minutes 5

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Attempting to cover the history country of France in just one video! Starting with the tribal Frankish kingdoms, the rivalry with the England and the Habsburgs, the various wars France has fought, the reign of the famous Louis XIV, to the iconic French Revolution and the Napoleon, all the way to the World Wars and road to becoming the French Fifth Republic, the country that France is today.

Obviously I had to cut a LOT out, and oversimplify at times. That's a necessity for a video like this, which has been a very daunting!

This could potentially be the beginning of a new series, so I would love for some feedback on this video, and maybe even your suggestion for a future episode!

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History of the entire world (I guess): 19 minutes

History of France: 23 minutes

Conclusion: France makes up 121% of the world

Author — Jerrin


Louis XIV: I am the state
Napoleon: I am the revolution
Palpatine: I am the senate

Author — Zachary Adams


i See the french surrender jokes but if you know your french histroy then you'll know these guys fought ALL of europe at once a couple times and won a lot. Napoleon is one of the geatest generals of all time

Author — Robert The Genius


I feel like Europe's history is just one big family massacre.

Author — Flow Naer


France and England: frienemys ever since 1066.

Author — thevioletskull


France has the best military record of any european nation, quote from the second book of general ignorance byohn Lloyd and John Mitchinson : "According to historian Niall Ferguson, the French have fought more military campaigns than any other European nation and won twice as many battles as they have lost, of the 125 major European wars fought since 1495, the French have participated in fifty – more than both Austria (forty-seven) and England (forty-three). And they’ve achieved an impressive batting average: out of 168 battles fought since 387 BC, they have won 109, lost forty-nine and drawn ten.this makes France the most successful military power in European history !
The British always prided themselves on superiority at sea, but this was only because they realised they could never win a land war on the Continent.
The French army has, for most of history, been the largest, best equipped and most strategically innovative in Europe. At its best, led by Napoleon in 1812, it achieved a feat that even the Nazis couldn’t repeat: it entered Moscow.
These remarkable achievements help explain another French military victory. Whether it is ranks (general, captain, corporal, lieutenant...); equipment (lance, mine, bayonet, epaulette, trench...); organisation (volunteer, regiment, soldier, barracks...) or strategy (army, camouflage, combat, esprit de corps, reconnaissance...), the language of warfare is written in one language : French."



USA: I have the most battles won in history!
UK: No I do!
France: Sup guys

Author — *Sad noises*


WW1: ends
US: My work here is done.
France and Britain: But you didn't do anything!

Author — Tangow


Portugal is always just sitting in the corner. Minding its own business...😂😂

Author — The Throwback Guy


Napoleon styled himself Emperor of the French, not Emperor of France; there is meaning in that.

Author — TRoL MaRz


The French surrender jokes got old really fast(literally 70% of the comments). It’s pretty dumb considering the victories in the Napoleonic era and WWI.

Author — Felipe Luengas


Love how Britain is in basically every war involving France

Author — Leigh Page


So when France doesnt fight the entire world itgoes to civil war just for fun...

Author — damien martin


But how can it be 23 minutes if the entire history of the world (I guess) is under 20???

Author — Spencer Twiddy


17:00 to be accurate Napoleon was never crowned "Emperor of France" but instead "Emperor of the French"...which is different because it is kind of a recognition that his power come from its people. Not from God or himself.

Author — MSTS33


Quite harsh on Napoleon III, he really improved France's economy.

Author — PG GP


A small nitpick: the Francia wasn't divided into three because of communication issues, rather because the law dictated that the kingdom would be divided between all of the king's sons upon his death

Author — Melle de Vries


Talk to any french and they will tell you that the first french King was Clovis in the sixth century...not Charlemagne and his successors in the ninth... Nothing to talk about: Just 3 centuries... (longer than the entire history of the us)but, hey ! Whose counting ??? ( no offense to US here Just pure algebra) lol 😁

Author — Johanne le noan


"Twenty centuries of history are there to testify that we are always right to have faith in France."
Charles De Gaulle.

Author — Caporal Blutch


Great video, there is just one thing though. You said "the 10's of thousand americans became too much for Germany" referring to the surrender of the German Empire in WWI? Well this implies that the war was won thanks to the US army. But that's just all wrong, the american soliders were yes 10's of thousand to land in french ports, but very little of them saw combat, so few that the US army participation to the war was totally negligible. Actually the US army was desperately bad and had to be (re)trained and (re)equiped by the French and British armies. To conclude implying WW1 was won thanks to american reinforcement is wrong, because most men were still in ships, crossing the atlantic or in French ports and training camps when Germany surrendered. It certainly weighed in the decision to surrender, but that's it.
* France and Britain could not have won without the support of the American industry, but the US army did close to nothing in this war.

Don't be mad at me for telling the truth. The US army did a great thing for France in WWII, but they were useless in WWI. Although I realise that there was somes acts of bravery and a few succesful encounters, but it was just a case of too little too late.

Author — Max