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Collaborate and Store Files with Team Drive | The G Suite Show 4.5

No more missing files when a team member leaves. Also, when someone joins, all of the existing content lives in one shared Drive. You can also add outside members to the a particular Team Drive if you are working on a project together. Keep in mind your company either needs to allow this for all employees.

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Team Drive should be available even in basic! I am not impressed Google!

Author — visionsTube


Question: Can we sync the Team Drives to our computer folder like in My Drives to Backup and Sync Google Drive. We want to also access the Team Drives in our computer folder for easy access. Thank you.

Author — Shiela May Villacruel


Ahhhh! Please make this available for G Suite for Nonprofits!!!

Author — Jason P. Schein


If I have created Team drive and I left the organization. will other members can see/manage the files?

Author — Sandeep Gore


it would be really useful for Superadmins to be able to deactivate Team Drives for selected organizational units (and not just until 1/1/2018)

Author — Ente per lo Sviluppo


It would be nice if this video was updated to reflect the name change from "Team Drives" to "Shared Drives"

Author — Robert Ferrentino


this video is outdated, why can't i use link sharing on my team drive

Author — Peter Tran


How many people can I add to Team Drives?

Author — Илья Геннадьевич


Hey what happened to you guys? No more updates ? No more show? Would have been a great show if there's still weekly update

Author — Marc Andrew Sanchez


Does the super admin (G Suite for Education) have access to the team drive, even though they may not be a member of the team's drive?

Author — John Yoo


I would like to be able to allow my team a direct link upload to turn stuff in to the drive . Any quick and easy way for this to happen?

Author — Andy Relyea


How do I share a file from another oganization with the team drive?

Author — kwinzman


Why is team drive not available in basic?

Author — Adrian Leonard Canning


PLEASE!!!! make this available for nonprofits!

Author — Cory Alvis


If I add a team member (e.g., independent consultant) that does not have G Suite will they be able to see the Team Drive folder in their GDrive or will they have to subscribe to G Suite before they can see the Team Drive folder? If the answer is they must buy G Suite to see the Team Drive folder but they do not, then where do they find the project? In the "Shared with Me" folder?

Author — Eric T. Jones


You don't mention GSuite for Non-Profit It would be a wonderful tool to have.

Author — Amber Gries


$$&🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙【。_。】 вεsт ρяιcεs sεяvιcεs #GSuiteGoogleEmailHosting 【。_。】

Author — Abhishek Goyal


Can you share whole folders with people outside your organization in a team drive?

Author — Melissa Bongiorni


well, a nice product but no effective collaboration possible until now - btw don't apply to EAP when ur from germany ; ) no chance...

Author — Henning Falk


"Backups", how can we enable this option and what is its functionality? In the video at 0m50s I noticed the option in your menu on the left side.

Author — Rudolf Nanne