Jim Acosta's Credentials Suspended After Trump Confrontation The View

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Jim Acosta's Credentials Suspended After Trump Confrontation The View 3

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Yeah let’s argue with the Lawyer about the Law and get mad because nobody agreed with you!

Автор — Nightwolf


If Its wrong for men to touch women without their permission..shouldn't it go both ways?..ijs

Автор — Kindle Watson


"so you're blaming the women in this situation"


woman can be guilty of things, is that news to you?

Автор — instantsurgery


I've had more contact in a crowded elevator.

Автор — John R


She reached, their arms touched. End of story.

Автор — Chad Boswell


he inappropriately touched the woman with the mic....what???yall tripping

Автор — Ndu Abanobi


She reached in his space and he didnt even do anything but hold the mic

Автор — Kiara Williams


All hail Abby Huntsman, Queen of the False Equivalency. Happens every time, my god....

Автор — 47imagine


And just like that Meghan becomes unbearable again.

Автор — Joe Mama


Is Meghan so dumb to think that people took her seriously when she mentioned arresting that woman?
The woman should not be touched, yet she went to take the mic from him, when he was asking a question. She claims the woman was doing her job. Was he not doing his?

Автор — Y D


I don't think any of these women need to worry about men "touching" them.

Автор — Darren Brown


People still watch this show, I guess it's the only thing on while you get day drunk with no job.

Автор — atfinn


This show should be called “Woman’s View” .. it is what im gonna call it from now on.

Автор — Ivan Calcano


Jesus, Meghan, could you be any more infantile?
She says she loves to debate, but doesn't have the first clue how it's done.
Screeching over someone constantly and not allowing them to make their point, let alone refusing to consider any sort of compromise, isn't debating; it's being a whiny, entitled brat.
Grow up

Автор — Speak the Truth


go Jim, keep up the great work and stomp this fat old orange con man

Автор — patti malik


Did anyone note that Acosta looked at the intern in the eye and said, “pardon me”?

Автор — Mary Lou Barber


jimmy, no credentials? hahaha
jim stop crying, you can always go and interview the homeless in uptown. hahaha

Автор — George Guerrero


She touched him by trying to pull the mic from him. Trump is making this journalist the news story!! It’s not his fault this is Trumps doing!!

Автор — WomanOnDa Move


The intern touched Acosta twice before she snatched the MIC.

Автор — Poorbabyboomer Poorbabyboomer


It looks like an FBI investigation should immediately be initiated to determine wether or not a rape occurred.

Автор — Terry Zimmerman