Trump Takes A Stand For The Real Victims: Men

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Trump Takes A Stand For The Real Victims: Men 4.5

Stephen performs a monologue from Donald Trump's new one-man show, 'Downfall of the Fictional American Man.'

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Trump supporters constantly complain about the moral decline of America but then applaud a man who is on his third wife, brags about having cheated on all of those wives, and has no moral compass of his own. They follow a man who regularly mocks anyone and everyone who disagrees with him. We can say with all honesty that Trump supporters (evangelicals) have no morals and all of their preaching over the years has been meaningless.

Author — Brother Sanguinary


What a creep... “what do I do MOOOM????”


Author — Gabriela Peter


It is quite simple as to why she didn't remember lot of things. She did not really go to that place expecting to be sexually assaulted and know that it might become important 35 years later, so that she could write down details and take a picture of the crime scene. And after it happened it is not something like a bank robbery that you look for license plates and report the incident to the police casually, you're still trying to comprehend what just happened to you and recovering from that shock. How hard it is to understand all this?

Author — Random User


Funny he didn't feel the same way about the central park 5

Author — Zueicide Sin


Physically sickening to watch this odious human attack victims of assault. How can those women behind him not see themselves in Dr. Ford? And according to statistics some of those same women will have suffered assault.

Author — Jamie Rogers


Mocking victims is his thing. Nothing shocking about his behavior. He’s been doing this for years.

Author — A Dub


He is playing to the lowest under belly of American Life. stupid.

Author — Suzan Benet


Do the people sitting behind him realize the whole world can see them and what douche bags they are!

Author — K R dale


Trump is trying to be a comedian: he is a moron and it didn't fly.

Author — Dolores R. Marconi


who are the clowns clapping in the back listening to biggest joker president in the US history?



Trump actually called Avenatti a " creepy porn lawyer" because he defended the client Trump made for him? Doesnt that make Trump a "creepy porn President? "

Author — mik richie


Nothing like fear-mongering to the country's most fearful people...

Author — Matt Cussen


Every time I think that Trump couldn't sink any lower, he manages to make me vomit with something even more disgusting. And what to say about the crowd cheering him? OMG!!

Author — Unagondola Blue


I've been falsely accused before. It's not fun. Even so, that doesn't give me rights to an opinion over this situation, as I do not have all the details nor the professional expertise of those who know how to dismantle the situation.

What I WILL say is that Kavanaugh did not act in the manner you would expect a Supreme Court Judge to act while giving testimony. I do not like his attitude towards this situation in the court room. Regardless of his past cases or how he ruled, this was an embarrassment.

Author — Alex Devus


Numb nuts indeed! The most clueless President ever!

Author — Tina McLaughlin


Shout out to all you normal, non-rapey guys out there: you've got nothing to worry about. ✌💚

Author — Randi Young


The Right keeps going on and on about what an obviously good man Kavanaugh is, how his character is pristine, but I have yet to see them give one example of him actually being a good man. All they do is conflate his resume with his character. "A man with such a spotless job record couldn't possibly be so evil!" Not only is that position ridiculous on its face, but that line of reasoning didn't stop y'all from smearing Obama and Hillary, did it?

Author — dlein93


“Tell the police it Lmfao!!! 😂

Colbert’s genius in his prime.

Author — drkdrumz


"what do I do mum?"

Run for president, sweetie. Then you can do whatever you want.

Author — Laydie Elle


I'd totally pay good money to see a Colbert one-act play/one-man show.

Author — Slutty McTits