KLM Cockpit Tales: Part 3 - Big plane, short runway

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KLM Cockpit Tales: Part 3 - Big plane, short runway 4.5
Sint Maarten has one of the most challenging runways in the world. Join Captain ten Velde on board of a flight to this tropical island.


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I set My iPhone to Airplane mode
I threw it
It didn't fly
Leik if you cri evrytiem

Edit: Why the hell are you guys still liking this? It's over a year old 😂

Edit 2: Guys seriously, It’s been over 2 years.... -Edited on 14th January 2019-

Edit 3: *seriously stop liking this post... It’s from 2016 lol* -Edited May 14, 2019-

Author — Sweden ball


I can visualize it: you fly five thousand miles to the island, and then you spend your vacation on a beach watching airplanes land and take off.

Author — David Barnett


Sad KLM will no longer fly the 747 to St. Maarten after next month

Author — EMartinez


Since when is Harrison Ford a pilot at KLM?

Author — Danielle Morén


Didn't know Gordon Ramsay was also a pilot..

Author — Riley Malone


WELL DONE, KLM. I've seen many many videos on commercial air travel from the cockpit POV. This was excellent. Sadly, we will never fly the 747 to St. Maarten again. But thankfully it's documented for eternity.

Author — Bob Boberson


It is a shame the 747 doesn’t fly to Saint Maarten anymore

Author — Julian Losekoot


These pilots are doing a very great job.👌👌👌👍👍👍

Author — Kiran Isrie


It sounds like music from an 80s porn movie. Sorry to say 😂

Author — Danmark er mit fædreland


KLM I Will Say Happy Birthday I'm a Big fan of KLM ;)

Author — Statue Gaming


I would trust a Dutchman to steer me through any rough sea or rough air.

Author — Hiei2k7


Love the 747 it's the queen of the skies

Author — Maximln Musttermann


I’ve been on that beach enjoying the water and sun and watching planes take off and land, it is definitely something to see.

Author — D M


747 exiting to see every time, greatest plane ever!

Author — framfull


I love the video... watched it before but I had to watch it again...

Author — BornToFly


Why you have to retired the Queen of The Skies to St Maarten Why KLM why? :(

Author — Tom [GD]


People go all the way to St. Marten and this is what they do? I'll never understand it. There is an airport in every big city people.

Author — MR Chicken


2019 someone?

EDIT: I miss the KLM 747 at St Maarten

Author — Toilet paper


*Tough job 10hours non stop flight! Congrats.*

Author — John Andrews


You lucky badstard .. why can't I do this ?

Author — bijan bijan