KLM Cockpit Tales: Part 3 - Big plane, short runway

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KLM Cockpit Tales: Part 3 - Big plane, short runway 4.5
Sint Maarten has one of the most challenging runways in the world. Join Captain ten Velde on board of a flight to this tropical island.


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I set My iPhone to Airplane mode
I threw it
It didn't fly
Leik if you cri evrytiem

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Author — Captain Noobie


Didn't know Gordon Ramsay was also a pilot..

Author — Riley Malone


Since when is Harrison Ford a pilot at KLM?

Author — Danielle Morén


I can visualize it: you fly five thousand miles to the island, and then you spend your vacation on a beach watching airplanes land and take off.

Author — David Barnett


It is a shame the 747 doesn’t fly to Saint Maarten anymore

Author — Julian Losekoot


Why you have to retired the Queen of The Skies to St Maarten Why KLM why? :(

Author — Tom [GD]


Love the 747 it's the queen of the skies

Author — Maximln Musttermann


*Tough job 10hours non stop flight! Congrats.*

Author — John Andrews


Loved watching this. I am still terrified of flying- landing and take off esp. But it's amazing. just amazing how these pilots 1st & 2nd operates these machine/ birds

Author — Blessed One


4:30 100' wow I think Michael Jordan can jump and touch the wheels. 😉😀

Author — Fernando Salas


WELL DONE, KLM. I've seen many many videos on commercial air travel from the cockpit POV. This was excellent. Sadly, we will never fly the 747 to St. Maarten again. But thankfully it's documented for eternity.

Author — Bob Boberson


He klm ik ben een hele grote vliegtuig liefhebber en ik heb ook model vliegtuigen van klm ik ben. Noch maar 9 jaar

Author — Vincent van Eijk


I’m going to throw my i-pad on airplane made to see if it fly’s!

Author — Backup Bob.


I love the video... watched it before but I had to watch it again...

Author — BornToFly


I wonder if the A380 will ever go there...that would be epic!

Author — Mr400Bhp


I would trust a Dutchman to steer me through any rough sea or rough air.

Author — Hiei2k7


I wish to experience this runway !
St Maarten's 😍

Author — Raboth Ouk


These pilots are doing a very great job.👌👌👌👍👍👍

Author — Kiran Isrie


Textbook landing of a beautiful Boeing aircraft, well done gentlemen :)

Author — LiberalsAreWorthless


0:42 Were those pilots saying hi, cleaning the windows, or something....

Author — Dr. Mridula N