How to Enable Participant Registration in Zoom Meetings

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Want to have the people you’ve invited to a Zoom meeting have to register beforehand? Watch this tutorial video to learn how to enable registration for Zoom meetings.

NOTE: The host of the meeting will need to have a paid Zoom account in order to access the registration feature.


If you click Email Settings, you can edit your email contact for this meeting, and customize the confirmation email your registrants will receive after they’ve been registered. You can send yourself a preview of the email if you like.

Finally, you can customize your registration page with branding elements including a banner and logo. Be mindful of the image requirements for each, listed below the upload button. You can easily upload a banner and a logo from your computer.

Once your invitees have begun to register for your event, you’ll be able to see a list of registrants under the Registration heading.

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where do the answers to your custom questions go when someone registers?

Author — M. Christine Landis, Watercolors & Mixed Media


Dear Sir
Is there any way to control the number of registers?

Author — Eric Tsang


Do you know if you set a maximum number of registrants? I only want 10-15 people in UAT.

Author — Dawn McCain


Is this feature also available in Pro licensed?

Author — merkava1988


Mine doesn't have that option. I can register but it doesn't let me scroll down and see the fields you see.

Author — StraightSmile Solutions


too short, please explain only on one device and what all these options mean in detail

Author — Michael Gasperl


jesica add me i am the real techboomer in hindi .

Author — Masterclass


My teacher's meeting requires a password, but she won't give me the password. She just says the password will be emailed to me once I register the meeting, but I don't see the option to do that!

Author — Terena Rosa


so how can i join zoom calls with registration required?

Author — Thomas


Great Video With Great Work..First Comment

Author — BATsy Reacts


Great info. Where do I go to allow access to the registrant AFTER THEY HAVE REGISTERED?

Author — Erica Atlanta Homes