'Smoke' - Inspiring Trap Beat | New Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2022 | DrawnyBeats #Instrumentals

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🎹 Made using FL Studio. 🎶 Beat Tempo - 118 BPM.
📷 Photo by Gerritt Tisdale.📍 Photo by Conroe, United States 🇺🇸

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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: "Smoke" by DrawnyBeats.

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🎹 Made using FL Studio. 🎶 Beat Tempo - 118 BPM.

Author — @Rujay


this song reminds me of my late father who passed away 12 days ago whoever is reading this. may your parents live more than a 100 years❤

Author — @bunnymusic5678


Marzy mi sie święty spokój.
Zero kłopotów i kłótni, w amoku.
Zero stresu, sprawy mam w toku. .

Author — @skacrew2265


Yoooo! This is a great beat to me! My flow on this already was lit! Didn't record nothing but I was like feeling it out! This tempo, the quietness, but the bass, and the seldom slight yell Sagar, this is real or record level, especially someone who can wordsmith on it. You can vary the lyrical cadence especially if you have good lungs. I give the beat a 🔟💪🏾💯

Author — @justincase4616


This beat is hotter than cinnamon
I get it jumpin you gon need some riddilin
This one right here for the middle men
Always pinching a bag so we had to get rid of them
Blood in the minivan
Bleach out the evidence
Running the city
The streets is my residence
Young and I'm witty
And drippin like Kennedy
Tucking the glizzy
Then jump in the cherokee
Merily merily
Rounds by the centipede
I got so much ammunition need ten of me
Tentacle tendencies octopus rhyme
Change shapes and colors like Optimus prime
You might save a quarter for droppin a dime
But the ways of a snitch aint no way to survive
Now you a wanted man dead or alive
Found him two in the chest yeah and one in the eye

Author — @stevelipton6729


This track made me make some ugly faces. So sick! Awesome work 🔥

Author — @sagebonkers652


your beats made me go rap again after i stopped man 💥💯

Author — @lilrsm9501


This is fire 🔥 bro
I’m jumping on it right now

Author — @cassiegold9274


Ay I love your beats, I Just started back rapping these have been Helping me practice

Author — @windex3083


1. W planach mam robienie hajsu.
W dobie tak horrendalnych ziom czasów. (Wow)
Trzeba mieć jaja, i łeb na karku
By zyc ponad stan, okolic standardu.
W planach jest zrobienie rzeźby.
Termin to daje do konca se roku.
Byle ziom nie ponieść klęski
Teraz to powiem Ci, ze jestem w szoku.
Widac efekty za każdym tu razem.
Pompuje brzuchy, pompuje klate.
Z Orlem gram w reprezentacji, stoje na bramce.
Czuć satysfakcje. Z wygranych marzeń.
W razie porażek, jestesmy razem, i to jest wazne, czuć sie wzajemnie, okazać wsparcie.

2 W planach mam na bank,
M-3 na blokach
Kupić mieszkanie
I nie chorować
Z płyt - Ocieplane
Kwadrat kupować
Minąć awarie,
Game-Plan stosować.
Gotów na walkę z planami.
Nie chce juz schodzić, zestresowany
Zrobienie wagi, te kilogramy.
Kosztuje tyle co waga sprawy
Wpedzą do grobu mnie
Z ocen sześć,
Według skali
Dzisiaj nie wpuszczą, wejdę drzwiami.

Sie zakochać. raz konkretnie tak jak w Magdzie.

Miec dzieciaki które dadzą szczęście
Móc wychować, dołożyć cegiełke
Angaż na 100%
Robić tak żeby im zagwarantować.
Bycie bezpiecznym, przygód od groma.
Zasady by ich ukierunkować.
Życie tak by im niczego żałować
By mogły się easy realizować.

W planach mam chodzic po gorach.
Nie Katakumbach,
Cudna natura.
My jak na chmurach

Author — @skacrew2265


man. I love this song.Good for delicious moments. Good vibes

Author — @miebeats4057


Did you sample or all from scratch?
Legend you unleash emotions with these beats. Respect.
From Rome.

Author — @riccardo9117


Immaculate track and vibe to smooth. 🎧🔉🔥🔥🔥Like#59

Author — @BassSyndromeProduction


I'm watching it from hell I've been here too long getting ready to bounce on out of here but that's some good mix right there that you got going on

Author — @jamestrouten4592


hello rujay I have a question, is it allowed to use your music in videos?

Author — @dragon245.


love from India

ayy bro! I got something to say-
this place isn't mine not yours too-
but we got something in the future-
but hip hop are irreplaceable-
rujay on the beat & I on the rise-
legend in the making me some spices-
rap scene is full of flies-
they fly over dirty and clean places -
they'll buzzed and once palm will be over

Author — @heeyai1


🇳🇦 listening from Namibia and this beat is therapy 😇

Author — @friedaihepa2184


I washed away my pain, rearrange to make you do the same. Look the care is back inside the main. The world and its games. We are worth the life of change. The blood flow pours out with war inside our brain. The pain of loss loved one so lets hold him high above them. The gem stone of my diamond lining.

Author — @OneSavedAll


I've hit a brick, can't seem to get back up again,
after that pen fell where else was I meant to be
don't hear the rustling of the letters, smells of fresh ink
its like a part of me left me, a gaping hole unseen,
where else was I meant to be?
I'm collecting the little bits and pieces with relief,
using these hands to create something worth writing
understanding that what's gone is gone and can't be brought up from the dead,
so I picked up the pen after a long time
how lonely these hands felt without the ink splattering's and the words of wanderer traversing
can you read me?
I'm climbing up to the trees, beyond the sky to see a new hope in me
a different wave, a new whip, caught a rideshare's ride to be at many places at once
defying the history and the present, to a future carved with my soul to yours.

Author — @rumshahlatif4726


My kinda sound! I love this!❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥💪🙌💯

Author — @tamekiareese89