Emergency Rescue Of A Man On The Edge Of Niagara Falls | Against The Elements

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Emergency Rescue Of A Man On The Edge Of Niagara Falls | Against The Elements 5
A man is stuck only a metre away from the edge of Niagara Falls, the only thing stopping the deadly icy water from pushing him over the edge is a rock which he has wedged his foot behind.

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Whoever made the tread on his shoes, should start making winter tires. That’s some damn fine traction.

Author — Mr. Completely


Man: No one can stop me.

Rock: 𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐌𝐲 𝐁𝐞𝐞𝐫

Author — dragon master


Who ever reads this may God always protect you and your loved ones. Everything you need he will provide 💡

Author — isaias T


they say that most people who survived a suicide attempt wished they had never tried. Remember that.

Author — Mouseythegreat


*He even gambeled with his life, but won that one. JACKPOT*

Author — Melka Debele


Man, must've been so awkward standing there with nowhere to go, but hundreds of eyes and cameras on you.

Author — Melo


His desire to die turned into such an incredible will to live. I hope he received the help he needed afterwards... 🙏

Author — Anna Vandersnoek


Respect to that team that save that man's life a million-to-one shot wow

Author — gil randall


that rock is the first rock to save a person in niagra falls i approve

Author — Tokyo Ghoul


This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

Author — Dillon Damian


That rock determined his fate.

Life is too short. Don't throw it away. People make mistakes. It's what we learn that counts.

This was some intense stuff. Good work for these rescuers. Hope that man is okay.

Author — Espeon804


i’ve been there, the drop is almost or even maybe a 100, 000 feet drop. imagine being in his shoes..

Author — Liliana Ajdari


He felt lucky to survive today so went straight back to casino to win back all his money

Author — guldukan


God has bigger plans for him. I hope he takes note and doesn't squander it

Author — Baby Blue


If that didn't make him give up gambling nothing will.

Author — Scott Laux


jesus put that rock there in purpose
atleast thats what i believe

thank God

Author — Leonorium Gaming


"I don't shoot dead bodies"
*Logan Paul has left the lobby*

Author — Ivan Ignatov


I'm not sure about Jesus, God and all that but something is definetly going on here...the sheer irony that he lost everything gambling and then has so much luck...

Author — TripInPeace Music


He didn’t have any protection and the rescuers did and were already exhausted. Damn this guy deserves a medal

Author — xrelz


Moral of the story....gambling is a sin for a reason.

Author — FocusFanatic