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Top 10 Obama Scandals | The Daily Show 4.5

The top 10 worst scandals in presidential history. #TheDailyShow

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💬 Comments on the video

I can’t believe that they actually sat there and reported these on national television with passion

Author — PapaJohn’sstudio !


Now they blame him because he wants a burger with DIJON mustard😂😂i'm dying, Please STOOOP. American news, best shit ever.

Author — Apostol Alex


Remake this video for Trump at the end of his presidency!

Author — Sergio Chavez


Fox new: president Obama was caught breathing air.... who does he think he is...

Author — Malay Pigford


Man, I miss those "scandals". I will take those over any of the criminal acts that the current guy is doing.

Author — Aref S


These same "journalists" are awfully quiet now, about actual scandals. The hypocrisy is jarring.

Author — Geia25


If he wasnt wearing a helmet they'd be saying he was careless

Author — monkyhire5


Oh.. my... god.... how dare he wear a helmet when he rides his bicycle?? -unbelievable😑🤣😂😂

Author — Asger Nyholm


Why does this kind of reporting anger me much? He was not even my president. 🤣🤣

Author — Manmeet Kaur


This is actually infuriating... these racist, bitter folks are so hate filled and jealous.

Author — Dee Marie


The number of people who miss drama-free Obama in the White house


Author — Aya `


The hypocrisy is astounding. When the presidential predecessors did the exact same actions, they were ok, but when president Obama did it, it was blown out of proportion. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Author — dwight brown


Imagine living in a world where a black American president was in a scandal for asking or telling someone to hold an umbrella for them smfh🤦‍♂️

Author — Christian Jimenéz


scandal: marine holding umbrella for president

Normal thing: trump calling his doughter sexy and attractive

Author — Dicky Lobsterhead


“They just hate the flag.” Who is they? 🤦🏽‍♀️

Author — Gia Diaz


Man I miss the days when Republicans were tearing their hair out to find a scandal on this guy and embarrassed themselves in the process.

Author — Andrew Burton


They wanted to find anything against Obama. But all these people have suddenly become blind, deaf, and dumb to anything donald does or says. Lord stupidity really is a disease.

Author — Mmerrie


It's times like these that can never take America seriously. Obama was so PG that they really had no other news. And then came Trump another reason to make me laugh even harder.

Author — Faith Nyakwada


White news reporters: “Stupid obama and his...”
*pulls card out of a hat*
“Wearing a helmet while riding a bike!”

Author — fish waterhazarddelta


All of this because he is a Black man.

Author — Tony Dickson