The Wonderbolts! - Apples To The Core (Celtic punk cover)

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

Howdy folks! This here's our celtic punk rock cover of Apples to the Core featuring our friend Brendan Garret on pennywhistle, and our first real production. We are The Wonderbolts (!), a rock band dedicated to making music based around My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! You can look forward to more tunes from us soon!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Nightmare Nights 2014, and for EQD for posting this in Music of the Day 10/23/2014!

The Wonderbolts are:
Galen - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
Arin - Electric Guitar
Jacob - Bass Guitar
Blake - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Brendan Garret - Tin whistle

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It was awesome to hear this live at Nightmare Nights, and had so much fun hanging out with you guys! Definitely adding this to my phone/ipod, and suggesting you to some friends over at EFN's Elements of Harmony! Can't wait to hear more :D

Author — SteelChords


WOW! AMAZING version of my favorite song! I can see you guys hitting all the pony cons as a headliner! My only suggestion is to add some bagpipes. This would make your music 20% COOLER :)
I've listened to this song like 10 times in a row & you just got another subscriber :)
Please make more, Wonderbolts! !!!

Author — macross34


Never heard Celtic punk rock but it's very good!!

Author — Joaquin546


Wow! This is a cool cover! I'm really into the Celtic punk bands, like Flogging Molly and the Rumjacks, so this appeals to me rather well. Great job guys!

Author — That Horse That Drives a Sherman Tank


Very nice!! :D
Apples forever, Apples together!

Author — Makenshi179


I love what y'all did to this song. The chords seem to get drowned out by the drums/cymbals in the punk section, but the lead vocals and  tin whistle really stand out (in a good way). Can't wait to hear what other stuff y'all have!

Author — BlueBrony


oh wow. i just love that intro. interesting mix though in general. Im from a folk/celtic music background here in the UK so it's really interesting to hear others do it.

Author — StormBlaze Pegasus



Author — ilseeh hanades


Holly hell! I think you shoulda got the first slot on EQD instead of me! This is just amazing!

Author — Sonic Lightning


celtic punk rock cover? well that is something that definitely... happened   

Author — USS-Odyssey


so good, is that a pan flute in the background or a normal one?

Author — VirtualAngel


You really need a small group to sing the chorus. Flogging Molly rocks

Author — jeff smith


Was just thinking about this song, and was wondering why the hell I didn't get it yet. Great stuff guys. Really loved seeing it live twice. 

Author — Barb3tos


People are doing pony Celtpunk? ;_; Be still, my beating heart.

Author — Take Walker


The amount of fangasming is unbelievable

Author — Lily960 Highlights