Manifest Meditation Music TRACK: Miracles Do Happen, Listen Every Night Before Bed, While You Sleep

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Manifest Meditation Music TRACK: Miracles Do Happen, Listen Every Night Before Bed, While You Sleep 4.5

Album: Connect To The Source,
Track: Miracles Do Happen.

Listen Every Night Before Bed, to go into deep meditation and Manifest positive miracles while you sleep. Miracle Music Meditation to be used alongside with the visualization manifestation meditation described in our guide..

The word miracle’ is usually used to describe a positive, yet unlikely, event that improves your life in a positive way, without you actually making any effort. Miracle only happens after being encouraged’ with our actions. This can be done by using visualization (or manifestation) meditation, positive visualization methods, and the law of attraction. And it can all be done while sleeping meditation practice.

What Is The Law of Attraction?
The main idea behind the Law of Attraction is that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. So if you focus on the positive, you will attract the positive. If you focus on the negative, you will attract the negative. Using positive visualization methods you stay focused on the good and positive things in your life. But for the Law of Attraction to work, you also have to believe in it. If you don’t believe that it can actually work, your brain won’t either. It won’t record’ whatever it is that you dream about as something achievable, and it won’t start generating creative ways for you to achieve it.

How Will It Make Miracles Happen?
It won’t. You will. The Law of Attraction will only help you in the process. You will have to have a clear goal in mind that has specific qualities and lifestyle aspects linked to it. If you’re more skeptical, it’s a good idea to start with smaller goals that are closer in time and are stepping stones on the path towards your dream. During your Manifestation meditation, you will use positive visualization methods to imagine this goal. Since your brain can’t tell the difference between image and reality (like when you flinch at a scary movie even though the danger is not real), it will trick the mind to think the dream you imagine is real and achievable. Then, it will build your internal motivation and start coming up with creative ideas to help make it come true. This is the Law of Attraction.



FROM OUR ALBUM: Connect To The Source
MUSIC TRACK NAME: Miracles Do Happen


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Our body is maintained at an unconscious level. Our inner self always tries to maintain our body's balance and health but our beliefs always interfere. Basic theory here is “If you believe you can, you will”. Positive Visualization is the key to success with the secret law of attraction.

In this modern era, sound pollution has altered the natural frequency of each cells of our body; as a result, we suffer from mental and physical conditions, diseases, illnesses etc.

Sound awakes you, Sound changes your mood, Sound makes you happy, Sound relaxes you, now feel the power of sound to heal you and awaken you. Certain healing frequencies and rhythmic sound waves has the positive energy to heal the Body, Mind and Soul. If we combine this further with our visualization power, we can manifest that superpower.
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I'm meditating that every person in the comments gets the miracle that they need. 🙏🏾📿

Автор — Mad Titan


To the person reading this may you receive what you deserve and much more 🔮

Автор — Ivan Regalado


Que toda persona que lea este mensaje, se le cumplan sus sueños, que tengan salud y que nunca, pero nunca les falte nada. Oro por todos ustedes para que tengan riqueza, abundancia y prosperidad. Amén Amén y amén

Автор — Fäunö Ermitaño


This music bring tears to my wanted to ask for miracle for myself but I rather ask God to grant all of yours

Автор — Hafiz Hafiz


My mother is not well please pray for too difficult for me to see her in pain...I love u mom...

Автор — Leena Das


I pray i can heal from my parents death and loneliness. I pray i can move forward.

Автор — Amanda O


If youre reading this, I love you. Everything you are looking for is within you. You are a divine creator, perfectly engineered to manifest the experience you want. Society was designed to separate you from God. To keep you out of your true nature. Stop living through your 5 senses. You are limitless. You are God's perfect man-ifestation

Автор — Mindset & Self-Mastery


I just want to be able to make something out of my life and make my family proud

Автор — Shauna Williams


Please, pray for me. I am currently experiencing financial difficulties.

Автор — norinorine moimeme


Anchorage Alaska. Me and my 8 year old boy going to sleep to this relaxing music. My son is my life. He was born with a rare disability and cannot walk or use his arms. He is old enough that he knows he is different, and I watch him watching other kids and I see his sadness. He is such an amazing little human and has endured so much. He has already had over 13 surgeries, one was a bilateral hip ostiotomy, just so he can sit down. I pray for guidence, strength, God's love to flood my son's heart, and for him to know he is such an incredible person. I also thank God for the greatest gift(my son) and thank him for the bond my son and I share.

Автор — Life with a Disability


I AM praying for a Financial Miracle for Everyone who is asking and listening to this wonderful Video.

Автор — Tom Rawls


Going thru these comments and realizing that I have no room for complaints. I immediately stopped reading and said a prayer for everyone here. God bless and a break through is coming ❤️

Автор — Andrea Ruff


My ex boyfriend rashad ask me to marry him today!! The universe had my back show me signs. I kept seeing 11:11 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Автор — Shatora Rand


I'm struggling with infertility. I'm praying for a miracle. May God open my womb.

Автор — Portia Mdakane


I am praying for my only son I'Shauwn who was murdered 3/17/2015. I pray for his murder to be solved and I may have peace and closure and a new beginning. I am praying for a life partner, a husband who can travel this life with who is everything that I need and desire. I also pray for my families healing especially my mother and myself.

Автор — Nalani Brooks


day 1: i listened to this last night and i pass my road test for my license!!

day 2: so my mom and i were looking at cars and i brought my very first car for a good price :)

Автор — kkaepsongie


Here's a miracle, I grew up in foster care been to tons of group homes, been homeless addicted to alcohol and drugs, lost both parents before I was 26 brother doesn't speak to me anymore sister lives in poverty in the hood I'm alone never had a girl that didn't cheat, life was a mess, I found the law of attraction and realized life is all energy and everything around us, my miracle is 25, 000 dollars to move my sister out of the ghetto send my brother some money help his family and have something for me for a new laptop. I believe and will achieve because life is love and love is beautiful. No matter how bad your life is remember your not living the dream but you might be living what so.eone else sees as a dream. #foodforthought

Автор — shaun williams


May the universe bring good to you all. <3 Goodnight

Автор — carmen perez


Good night, hope happy days are coming soon. God is great

Автор — Vijay Pal


No se si entenderán mi comentario en español, pero no puedo creer lo que me está pasando en este momento, mi cuerpo empezó a sentirse raro, y me ase movimientos involuntarios, sentí que algo paso en mi cuerpo no se que sea, pero ya me Dio hasta miedo, de lo que sentí ❤ pero se que es algo bueno Dios es maravilloso.

Автор — Eunice Reyes