History of the Leaked iPhone 4 Prototype

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History of the Leaked iPhone 4 Prototype 5

If you’re one of my younger viewers, you may not know much about this story since it took place eight years ago, but you need to understand that what we’re about to discuss is considered by most people as the biggest tech leak in history. And that probably sounds impossible since Apple is known for being the most secretive company in the world, I mean, they have multiple locks on labs with unreleased products, they have armored doors, they constantly change system passwords, and they even have their own security force patrolling their campus at all times for intruders and spies. And if that wasn’t enough, every prototype they built was kept under surveillance with restricted access only to people who were directly included in the products development.

And this is why most Apple employees are just as shocked as we are when the company introduces a new product. There was even a story about a worker being fired for showing an unreleased iPad to another Apple employee. So it’s pretty hard to imagine that a super secret iPhone prototype would appear on a random bar stool twenty miles away from Apple’s campus. But that just proves that no matter how hard a company tries to be perfect, it’ll eventually make a mistake since companies are just made up of humans, and humans are imperfect.

So this mistake had something to do with an unreleased iPhone 4 prototype, a tech news website called Gizmodo, and a very angry Steve Jobs.

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Sorry about some of the microphone pops, I got a little excited while recording this one.

Author — Apple Explained


Imagine this happened with iPhone X. Someone would definetly get killed

Author — Elgars Stupāns


Meanwhile, the newest iPhones are being leaked left and right

Author — Help me


Gizmodo: *takes iphone*

Apple: FBI, OPEN UP!

Author — Dyl Pixels


Steve Jobs:"So somebody should make a movie outta this!"

iPhone 4:Lost Prototype

Author — Elexiel


If Steve was that pissed, and he seemed to be.. the guy who lost it has to be dead lol “still working for apple...” suuuure, they probably mean he’s buried under an apple tree at their campus, thus still employed by apple as fertilizer

Author — Kalvin N


Is it me or did Steve jobs hair line predict the iPhone X?

Author — Cheeseburger538


when Steve Jobs calls you and says I want my iPhone back.... you better give his iPhone back goddamit

Author — imicca


I've never heard this story, and wow, this is actually so interesting. In retrospect, the iphone 4's design was revolutionary and probably the biggest upgrade / overhaul the lineup has gotten until the iphone X. it still looks sleek and modern today IMO. I can understand why Apple protected it to such an extent

p.s. does being 17 count as a younger viewer

Author — FrenchFriMashups


And now Tim Cook doesn't care about leaks at all since 6 months before the new iPhone comes out we already know the exact details. How would Steve Jobs have responded if he knew all the competitors knew 6 months ahead of the iPhone release?

Author — Tong Zou


3:39 I remember when the YouTube app used to look like a TV!

Author — xoHoran


"I want my iPhone back."

Damn that line just gives me the chills.

Author — DeadTroperSociety



Author — Matthew McCreary


now i want an Hitman mission in which i infiltrate apple HQ

Author — Golden Life Gaming


Someone actually should make a movie about this lol

Author — Floppy Disk Master


I loved the iPhone 4 design, it was the best iphone design ever

Author — its_a_trab


2010: iPhone 4 leak;
Apple: OMG😮😮
2020: iphone 12 leaks
Apple: This is the new iphone

meanwhile tech reviewers: "yes all the leaks
confirmed this is the the new iphone 12


Author — Sai Anudeep


Now we’re in 2019 when the leaks for the 2020 iPhones came out 2 days after the 2019 iPhone release.

Author — Danny Killian


Now the story of the leaked iPhone X by an apple engineer's daughter plz

Author — Zac Zhou


... and Gizmodo never had a good article again.

Author — Dirty Saint