Ukraine's Foreign Fighters Battle for Citizenship

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Ukraine's Foreign Fighters Battle for Citizenship 4

On both sides of the war in Ukraine, foreign fighters have flocked in their thousands to take part, many of them from the former Soviet Union.

Whilst thousands of regular Russian soldiers and volunteers have fought alongside the DNR and LNR separatists, a number of Russians and Belorussians have also fought for the Ukrainians.

With the worst of the fighting in the east now over, Ukrainian forces have been able to draft enough soldiers to hold the front lines, and the immediate need for these irregular fighters has largely gone.

But despite their service and sacrifice those volunteers from Russia and Belarus face prison time if they return home, and many are now battling for citizenship in Ukraine.

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Well, I see the Ukrainian government is as corrupt and ineffectual as ever.

Author — pwrserge


These comments are amazing, I especially love the Nazi accusations

Author — Demond Wilson


these brave guys deserve citizenship 100%

Author — Cherubino


BEST issue you (VICE) have ever highlighted !!

Author — Stephen Mortimer


Could pls also show the bad side of the "good" ukrain fighters?

Author — Fantomas AKA Gr0nw4ld xDDD


a bunch of foreigners mad about russia can't get citizenship lol

Author — kevin nmam


I'd totally take Ukrainian citizenship. I wonder where i start first.

Author — killercaos123


To me they already citizens. Their just waiting to get their papers. Keep it up Ukraine and take back every grain of Ukrainian soil Imperialist Putin stolen from you.

Author — Sinopa Hyenith-Renard


Ukraine has to help those fighters who helped Ukraine when they needed their help.

Author — Dardania Lion


God bless Ukraine may they stay strong in they're fight against the terrorists and terrorist propaganda (RT)

Author — Batu


at 2:54 he alludes to a situation I haven't seen adequately detailed. People working in the government at that time were foreigners, Americans.

Author — Prem Lee Barbosa


1:08 doesn't make any sense. He was protesting in Ukraine/Maidan because he rejects the russian government? By installing a pro EU government Ukraine was bound to be ripped apart. Great move, Sergej!

Author — ayeapprove


Обидно, надеюсь дадут гражданство и пенсию

Author — Станислав Прицкер


I'm so glad to see that Ukraine is falling rapidly and soon russia will take back East Ukraine.

Author — The Black Hundreds


Make sure to keep the spotlight on them as much as possible, these faces need to be remembered once cleanup time comes. If the military won't recognize them, it will be up to the citizenry to weed them out and liquidate them.

Author — Venture14 x


so this is how ukrain pays the ones who went help it in time of need, by not even giving them citizenship...
these poor guys been used and then throwen out like trash

Author — Zag Zagzag


Screen these brave soldiers for Ukrainian citizenship. They deserve this opportunity.

Author — Rayford Carpathia


they sucrificed thier life for Ukraine, LET THEM BE CITIZENS !!

Author — Prince of Buganda


If it hadnt been for Vice i would not have understod this conflict.. Which is Key to Understand Europe and the new order in Russia.

Author — The Tuna


I hope Ukraine the best! Ukraine has been through a lot the past years

Author — John Kasarda