Game of Thrones: S08E05: An Unbridled Rage

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Game of Thrones: S08E05: An Unbridled Rage 5


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Hello there Ladies and Gentleman;

This video was a nightmare to make in terms of redrafts, accuracy, visuals/audio editing, proof watching and working from the ground up with Game of Thrones content, from re-watching the entire series to finding high quality rips of every episode to work from, in comparison to relying mostly on YouTube videos for the previous two videos. Three months of work, all in just over 2 and a half hours.
And then came all of the post production work I had to do to get it past the copyright bots, which is so beyond stressful, let’s just say were lucky it’s out today.

I get that it's frustrating that you have to wait and its tempting to assume I am very lazy but I was working on this most of the day for most days.
My work has gotten very meticulous, I want to iron out mistakes wherever I find them and improve my diction/enunciation through my work as well. That means everything in the process gets more thorough but I should be outputting my best stuff yet.

Q: Episode 6 rage? TFA Part 3? High School Musical Praise?

A: Their time will come, I don't want to make any promises anymore, I would rather surprise you all, days before releasing things.

This was one of my longest-man videos and I am already working on more videos for Mooler while planning the next for this channel. It all takes time and outside of guest appearances, I’m a one man show for every process in these videos.

I think as time goes by and I get better at all of this, you can expect more at faster speeds.

Either way, thank you for your patience, il see yah next time o/

Author — MauLer


The only character that wasn't ruined was the Starbucks frappuccino.

Author — Rags


Season 1: Jaime Lannister
Season 8: Laime Jannister

Author — Samar3n


The north remembers
D&D don't
"Arya went west, Jon went north, Drogon went east and the show went south".

Author — Hirnlego999


Good news everyone, D&D cut ties with Star Wars which means them deliberately destroying GOT was for absolutely nothing!

Author — Rogue Fox


“A Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible thing” was an expression of maester amens empathy and sorrow at the thought of his family being alone and isolated from one another. It didn’t mean alone targaryeans are terrifying and insane. It was not meant to foreshadow dany going crazy. Anyway dany was more alone than ever at the beginning of the show and it was when she was the most innocent, gentle and moral. So like

Author — Emily Sikora


Well I'll see you guys in 2 years for Game of Thrones: S0806: An unbridled rage

Author — Naz


I actually laughed at Cersei's confused "wtf?" reaction to Dany's turn. "Why are you killing them and not me?"
Even the characters are bamboozled by this script. They can't help it.

Author — Majora de Mayhem


Lena Headey has said in an interview that season 8 was easy money because she just had to stare and drink wine. Or something to that effect.

Author — Mary K


Emelia Clarke cried at how they treated her in this season, that’s just sad.

Author — Sith Saiyan


It's been close to a year and I'm still pissed. My hate for this show will keep me alive.

Author — Jon Baxter


Jon's essentially reduced to a simp by this episode.

Author — Jfreek5050


Plot Twist:
The faceless man had killed many of the main characters and stole their faces throughout season 7 and 8. Explaining why they were acting out of character.

Author — Nathan 556


I love Mauler's praise of Jon Snow. And verbal massacare of Jake Snow.

Author — Jesse Golo


All the Queen's horses
And all the Queen's men
Couldn't put the plot together again

Author — Special Agent Washing Tub


So happy Tywin died before his character could be ruined.

Author — Ben From Gulf City


Emilia's reaction to Daenerys's final scenes is so depressing.

Author — dead tomb


The fleet was destroyed in a cut away?

*I'm sure they're fine*

Author — HotaruZoku


"He is more pie than man"

Just glorious mauler I loved this video. Mad props for the work you put in for this.

Author — Jartran72


This entire season just won an Emmy for outstanding drama series...