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›› I get questions every day about how I'm finding working as a vet and requests to film a day in the life. It only took me 5 months to work up the courage to film one! Hope you guys enjoy and leave any questions in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer.
Big thanks to my work, Bendigo Equine Hospital for letting me video and also to the clients and horses featured!

›› Hey, my name is Holly and welcome to my channel! I post all sorts of equestrian videos like show vlogs, training videos, barn vlogs and more. If you want to keep up to date with me and the horses then be sure to hit that subscribe button :)

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I want to be an equine reproductive veterinarian so this was actually a quite fun video for me to watch! Thank you!

Author — BC Cowgirl


It must be surreal finally getting to do the job you spent so long studying for right?

Author — Conor


It looks like you have had some really good opportunities there. I’m thinking about being a small animal vet, I’m only 15 so it might change but I think it would be cool to be a vet, maybe even an equine one but I feel like that would be more stressful 😂❤️

Author — Loaning Lola


This is so cool to watch, hopefully one day I'll be doing the same 🙈 so proud of you for finally getting your dream job but also balancing this with riding Diva!!!

Author — Sena 309


Hoping my future will be similar. I'm first year in vet school and mid-term anatomy exam passed so fingers crosed. Wishing You the best Holly (more healthy foals to scruch of course) and greetings from Poland <3

Author — Karolina Smela


What an amazing experience you’ve had Holly!!! Something you’ll remember forever. Not to mention the true experience of your being a vet!!!! So happy for you to have had these times in Australia 🐎🐎🐎🐎

Author — jmleeinla


The heart patient was such a good horse. and the donkey Adorable

Author — Kyle Bernard


Loved this! Would love to see more vet-type videos too even when you're back in Ireland if possible! Super informative and cool as hell! Makes me want to be a vet! <3

Author — Aly Copeland


I really loved watching this video! I have thought a lot about becoming an equine vet! This was super awesome to watch! xx

Author — Mary Brecount


Thx so much for this, Holly. Didn’t want to bug for you to do this, knew there could be privacy issues possible etc so so glad you were finally able and had a little time to do so. So much more relaxed and positive than I thought it might be (no doubt there is plenty of stress and occasional unfortunate out-come too that you can’t show). Really appreciated this. Thank you. So looking forward to seeing you back home in Ireland with your Dad and Khal and the gang.

Author — April Hall


This is the career I'm dedicating myself to, it's my dream, and seeing videos like this inspire me to work even harder to get the grades I need!! Thank you!

Author — Samantha Ralph


Thats so cool to see! I hope you do more videos about your job. My pony was in the equine hospital for 3 months, then a rehab barn. She is now home but is still in stall rest. She degloved her cannon bone and severed her extensor tendon. It has been about 14 months post accident, and the wound just closed about a month ago. I do all kinds of ground work with her but she still can not trot! She first had to grow granulation tissue over the bone, then proud flesh grew which we had to get deebrided, then the skin/epithelial tissue had to grow over.

Author — CinnamonSpice


What a great video! I loved seeing what you get up to as a vet!

Author — Chilli Bean !


Great vlog Holly, it was so nice to finally have an insight into your working days. I bet the variety of problems has been an amazing learning experience for you.
Have you got a job lined up back home in Ireland for when you get back or are you having a bit of a break when you get home hun?
Thank you for sharing this with us, it was really interesting watching it. Take care and stay safe over there hun 💜

Author — Yorkshire Lass


Glad to see you so happy in Australia with your vet work! Such a dream job, I found it so interesting! Thanks for sharing :)

Author — jessica ruhl


This is so interesting thanks so much for sharing holly! I love how humble you are and factual. Thanks again :)

Author — Julianne Leckie


very much loved watching this!!! I wish more vloggers did this type of content!

Author — Kelsey MacDonald


Hey Holly! I really want to be a vet when I’m older, do you have any tips or anything that you suggest taking for A level and GCSE? Xx

Author — Flora Hayes


I loved this vlog, I’m applying for vet med next year and found this so helpful as all my clinical work experience cancelled ❤️

Author — Keji Junaid


I loved this video!! Will share it with one of my beautiful granddaughters who is planning on being a vet. You are lovely and thanks for sharing a day or two in your life!!

Author — Terri Wells