Thousands of people marching towards the centre of Srinagar

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Thousands of people marching towards the centre of Srinagar 3.5
Protesters have defied a security lockdown in Indian-administered Kashmir to demonstrate for the first time against the stripping of the region’s special status. Thousands turned out after Friday prayers in the capital, Srinagar but the Indian government disputes the number of people who took part. In some areas - including Jammu - restrictions have been eased.

Al Jazeera's Priyanka Gupta reports from New Delhi, India.

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Saudi busy in money and Israel & India making plans greater Israel and India full support Saudi Dubai sleeping on money

Author — Muhammad ShaherYar


there are no democracy around the world just big talk

Author — jewel mahmud


لڑیں گے مریں گے کشمیر لے کر رہیں گے- لبیک غزوہ ہند.

Author — RIZ 97


funny how everyone avoids talking about the 🇵🇰 flags?! Doesnt that say something?

Author — zabawaj handsome


Freedom Kashmir give them freedom kashmir fighteing from 70th years Modi can't stop this

Author — Digital way #help people


Real face of Indian democracy AP logon k lie BBC b fake hai Al jazeerah b fake hai saari duniya jhooti sirf AP log sache ho

Author — innocent boy


Effect of e v m froud victory.. Economy demolished..

Author — Arif Ali


watch republic world news for kashmir news, they have around 8, 9repoters on ground zero.

Author — limbuhongkong thebe


International media showing reality, but Indians blaming and denying them,

Author — Khanates P


Ya Allah protect them Ameen ya Rahman

Author — Sarah Razdan


In shaa allah Kashmir banay gaa Pakistan

Author — Irfan Ali


Modi jaise nafarmaan ka khaatma hoga inshahallah aur hamare gujarat me aur kashmiriyon pe jo zulm ho raha hai wo hamare sabr ki maar khayenge ghazwaye hind abhi baaki hai modi kutte ki maut marega tu shaitan Pakistan zindabaad pak army hero zindabaad isi gumnaam hero zindabaad kashmir banega Pakistan inshahallah naare takbeer allah huwakbar paak fouj aage badho hum indians aapke sath hain hame uss shaitan se azaadi dilayein

Author — Hajirataaj Hajira


indian government nonrendo modi is dog,

Author — riajat hosain


Dubai economy is in very bad shape so is England and others

Author — Nandita Choudhury


Sri Nagar means the City of Lord.. in Sanskriet.. thats the oldest Hindoe language in the world.. May God bless India from evil outside brainwashed intruders in India.. Love to India from.. Japan.

Author — Chop Choy


LoL who are you trying to fool mate ? you're the same one who reported their is curfew in kashmir then how could they stage such huge protest? what about the 700, 000 troop's that you've said earlier ? Something defenetly fishy here, I'm with the Indians on this one.

Author — Rocky Rockz


Al Zaeera Tv is very very grateful news media channel

Author — zia awan


Not thousands of people, but crores of people from all states of india who respect states' Autonomy, its dignity, right to adopt its own culture, tradition, language, should march towards kashmir in support of our indian brothers and sisters who are in great turmoil. The conscience of the people should be our guiding force. We all indians have the right to livea respectable life. The govt. Should withdraw its orders immediately and emrace our brothers and sisters of Kashmir.

Author — Padmanabhan Airamuthu


Umar Abdullah, His father Farooq Abdullah and their father Sheikh Abdullah sided an enemy against their own muslim people.
Perhaps they would be happy today after Article 370 has been removed from Kashmir.
They badly wanted to be an honourary Hindu, now the Hindus are coming to change their demography.
If these people show their faces today in public, they will be dismembered by hundreds of Kashmiris

Author — I.