the ride BROKE at the worst time...

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In this video, we countdown the top 7 of the most ridiculous roller coaster rides ever caught on camera! From super tall slingshot rides, extremely high roller coaster rides, insane waterslides, and even a ride that should be shut down because it malfunctions. We showcase 7 of these ridiculous rides and commentate on why they are so crazy. But make sure to watch till the end for the most insane ride of them all!
DISCLAIMER: Do NOT try anything in this video! Most of the clips were done by professionals in a controlled setting, and also, it’s for educational viewing to show the consequences of actions and why you should NEVER Attempt the things in the video. We want to keep YouTube a safe place, so DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING in the videos.

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I went on Goliath when I was 8 for the first time I was terrified but now I love it

Author — Yoichiii


“This is the part that hypnotizes people..”
AD:come on boys time for school!

Author — ob3yking


I went on that valcano bay ride bro for the first seconds I couldn’t breathe

Author — Fritz the boi


So number 3 at volcano bay I peed myself when it dropped XD

Author — Wyatt Daniell


“This is the part hypnotizes people..”

Ad: This is my time to shine!

Author — { Mizuki-Chan! }


Ah that was the goliath six flags i love that ride

Author — Į


the ride in the first can also be found in Busch Gardens, Virginia and Florida im pretty sure- i’ve ridden on it in Virginia. it’s called The Griffon, at least at the park i went to. the ride where the boats crashed into eachother looks like it’s in Busch a gardens as well- 😅

Author — ari_offline


“I would be peeing myself right now” 😂😂

Author — Gamer Legend


Imagine being at the front of those rides 😳

Author — Cookie Swears


I thought it was faster than i expected

Author — Brwa Fami


I actually have a ride in my home park(Busch Gardens Williamsburg) called griffon that does the exact same thing as the first roller coaster that was showed in the video

Author — It’s Ava!


OMG I once went to Sea World and we waited for a ride for almost 2 hours in the SUN and the ride it started of normal then we went in this black tunnel and the door opened and then we went like 100 miles per hour I almost dropped my cap-

Author — °Aesthetic Peace♡


btw at holiday world (Indiana) there was 2 rides that had water, they did lift me, but there was a 3rd one that sent my entire body upwards and went at maybe 100 mph because of my brain feeling squished
in the splashin’ safari location

Author — pig?


I wish you made a video of a really big wave that almost flooded the beach

Author — Ryan W Roblox


3 reason why you should be in the from of rollarcoasters
1: vomit
3: vomit

Author — Akaza & Mikan #roadto50


I would never go in any of those becuase I’m terrified of super big rides like that 😩

Author — ellaaxo - quit


The second I hear Shanghai, I get worried coz that’s where my grandmothers live

Author — xiao昊天


You know those spinning chair rides that go around in a circle and get pretty high up I was on that ride with my dad at my state fair and once it was done and the ride was coming down it broke down and we were stuck in the air for maybe 10 minutes but hey it wasn’t all bad I meet a cool girl who we then rode other rides with I miss ya Lexi wish I had a cell phone to get her number but hey it was a great memory

Author — DJG


Lets not talk about how he said the ride is scared

Author — chef hatchet


I live in Buffalo NY and we have a place called darian lake and there’s a ride called the Superman like the one in China it drops super far but it doesn’t just stop at the top tho

Author — CrazyKangroo5000