Classic Game Room - NINTENDO FAMICOM review

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Classic Game Room reviews the Nintendo Family Computer or FAMICOM! Originally released to the Japanese market in 1983 the Famicom is the 8-bit Japanese version of the western NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

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I always thought the Famicom looked really cool. Much better than the NES, which was rather dull.

Author — grungegopher


I remember getting this for Christmas when I was a kid. I had asked for a Nintendo and my step father (who is Japanese), purchased this version instead the U.S. version, from a shop in Japanese Village, (Little Tokyo) back in the 80s. While I was excited to have a Nintendo console, I was also kinda bummed out that I was never able to add more than 2 games to my library, because they were so expensive. Literally 90 plus dollars for a game, due to being imports. I only had the yellow cart Mario game, that came with the console and some game based on a Japanese comedian, that came in a purple shell. I was never able to play any Mega Man games, Zelda, Metroid, etc. Just watched my friends played theirs, lol.

Today, I would love to own this console again. Brings back so much memories. Since Mario was my only go to game (i didn't care much for the other one) I spent a great deal of hours on it and sort of became an expert at it. Not sure how good I'd be today, after so many years.

Author — CaptSNES


The humming is often caused by the built-in microphone on the Player 2 controller. If you open up the 2nd player control and sand down any corrosion on the contacts of the microphone volume slider the humming should either die down or go away all together.

Author — bad@chaos


I'm surprised that you think it's so ugly. Personally, I think it's ten times more attractive than the huge grey brick the NES was.

Author — awesomeferret


NOPE I think the NES looks worse. This OG defibrillator-style version is barebones and Classic nintento. The NES's toaster style is unnecessarily bulky and invokes the drab dullness of a generic VHS player... or a toaster....TOASTER!

Author — Sanzo


That is the MOST attractive video game console I think.

Author — Knuckles the Echidna


"This is EASILY the most unattractive console ever created"
BLASPHEMY! I like the original Famicom design more than the NES, it's really cute.

Author — ToruKun1


i think the famicom looks cooler than the nes

Author — pignorant


How can you say it is the most unattractive gaming system? The FAMICOM looks badass, still looks kinda futuristic today IMO...the US NES and the SNES were pretty ugly IMO (grey and purple? c'mon), heck even the PAL systems got colorful SNES buttons ours were all purple :L



You may call it ugly but I think it looks cooler than an NES, don't hate on me, I like the colors more and it isn't just a box, I am not saying specs are better because I don't know them, I am merely speculating on looking at the console itself and it's controllers

Author — Inturat


Psh, I love the famicom’s design. It always seemed to have a lot more character and presence to me than the redesigned NES. I love the color scheme and fun look of it, it really pops.

Author — Josh Leitzel


I actually like the Famicom design over the NES.

Author — MrTristan1235


Hey Mark, just wanted to let you know you shouldn't really put it straight into the US power socket, because japanese units use a input of 100V and i think US outputs 110V, so over time it might deteriorate and break the console over time. i dont know maybe you know this already. 

Author — ice tea


Ah, Nintendo Famicom, my first console ever! <3
"The least attractive video game system"? WTF Mark, seriously. =\

Author — Paul K


The hum is due to the power adapter, i had the same problem on my nes, i was using the recomanded voltage which is  9V here in Europe, and i switched it with a 12V adapter. No humming noises and my nes is working perfectly.

Author — Nazband


Brought me way back into my childhood, playing countless hours of super mario, excitebike, and others I can't remember! I burst out laughing at the blow-into-the-cartridge fix, and the multiple switching on-off to get the games going! Great vid!

Author — Giemuel Uy


Mark your videos are so addictive, I like catching up with ya on the weekends

Author — Altitudes11


“Easily the ugliest video game console ever...”

HyperScan: *Am I a joke to you?*

Author — Criceto


awesome design better than toaster nes, but still cool

Author — TwitchBoi


This is the Japanese version and It's US counterpart is the NES. But of course this is the better one, we asians grew up with this :P

Author — MegumiFF7