Legendary low level C-17 Globemaster in the Mach Loop - 7th July 2017

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We had two unbelievable passes of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III through the Mach Loop in Wales on July 7th. I've seen some sights through here, but this was a special one.

This is the biggest aircraft ever to do the loop, a record that will be hard to beat. This particular aircraft is from Charleston AFB in South Carolina.

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The C-17 is the only Airframe that pilot could fly, seeing as no other airplane could possibly carry his massive balls.

Author — Everythingman


Bloody brilliant. That's it, I'm moving to North Wales

Author — Tricia Jones


I live close to Travis AFB. I see C-17's all the time. But nothing like this. This place is on my bucket list. I would love to camp out for a couple of weeks, and see a variety of beautiful aircraft.

Author — sidney


Holy smokes... He put that big bird on the deck!!! Wow... Great stuff, man!

Author — DrumJedi


WOW!!!! What a fantastic sight that must have been seeing that hugh C-17 coming your way for the loop. Awesome catch!!!!

Author — Howard Zinko


I was filming a train track creaking today and one of these flew over me it was crazy!

Author — Gmguy3car


Absolutely amazing! Believe me, the crew enjoyed it just as much as you did filming it. Thank you for posting!!

Author — Scott M Daniel


Now you need a C-5 to come blazing through.

Author — Paul Johnson


Very incredible low pass at mach loop in wales I saw this c17 at yeovilton air day 2017 on static display

Author — Julian Northeast


I hope all you guys up there took a moment to shout out some atta boys. That was some ballsy flying

Author — Miatacrosser


That was absolutely incredible!! Amazing video mate - what a capture :D Liked a lot!

Author — YMML SpottingTeam


Brilliant catch, and very nice videoing :-)

Author — Johno Johno


I was walking in the Elan valley on Jul 7th, and it must have been this that I saw/heard overhead, great video!

Author — Gary G


Some of the smoothest, cleanest filming on Youtube. Great work.

Author — Leigh Hicks


These also fly from CFB Trenton near where I work. It boggles my mind when I see them, often at low level, not appearing to go particularly fast - I can't understand why something that big, and that slow doesn't just drop out of the sky.
Overtime something like that flies over, I turn into a five year old, pointing at the sky in amazement.

Author — The Easel Rider


Absolutely brilliant really enjoyed watching that, it looked like a huge bird of prey ☠

Author — TheAudiostud


At first pass I thought, "really?", but on second.... shut my mouth! Haha. "How low did heee gooo??!!" Cracking catch/video.😎✌🏻

Author — Simonize41


That vapor condensating behind the wing is so awesome. Love seeing that

Author — D. Cypher


I've been taking pics in the loop for 30 years and seen some stuff go through, that's up there with the best of them, great video👏👏👏

Author — Simon whittaker


Superb video. Amazing to see that monster flying the loop.

Author — Stephen Smith