GroverWashington Dodat

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I love everything the Grover has ever made !!!! I was raised on his music and I raised my children to appreciate all the musical greats that's all we had in our home and not the crap we hear today..Sooo blessed to be a sixties baby !!!

Author — Carol Lynn Clemmons


Absolutely AWESOME!!! So glad to have been Raised listening to this Gifted MAN!! Thanks Dad, Uncle Bear, Grover, Coltrane and Miles for keeping my Soul; relaxed, Calm and Thriving for More!! ALL of you guys are sadly Missed!!

Author — Shatika Smith


"live at the bijou" is also very good. as was grover washington jnr's performance to a full albert hall in london. he left a wonderful legacy. gone too soon.

Author — eyes wide shut


this is one of his groovy track of all time

Author — 1TICKHAND


originator of smooth jazz RIP grover.

Author — slapbush