10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Nintendo Switch

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Things to avoid doing if you care about your Nintendo Switch!

There’s so much to love about the Nintendo Switch and, while it offers so many different ways to play, there are some things you should avoid doing to the console.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo is known as the most innovative gaming company in the world for a reason. They’re always pushing the boundaries and expanding on the idea of what gaming really is. Enter the Nintendo Switch. This hybrid console has been around for over a year and has already left its mark on the gaming world. You could play it traditionally on your TV screen or in handheld mode on the go. The library started off small, but has quickly grown into an incredible one.

Since the Nintendo Switch is very new compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, people are still learning about what they can and can’t do with the console. It turns out that there’s quite a few things people think are fine to do to the Switch, but actually aren’t. Watch to see what you should never do to your Nintendo Switch!


Script by: Justin Pietrodarchi

Voice Over by: Grant Kellett

Edited by: Kyle West

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Anything else that you REALLY SHOULDN'T DO to your Nintendo Switch? Most creative answer wins! :D

Author — TheGamer


"Don't use digital games, it will take up storage on your switch"
Man this is so mindblowing.

Author — MrLeRien


I feel he hasn't even touched a nintendo switch ever

Author — joebama


“Don’t hold the switch in your hands.”
alright I guess I will start wearing gloves if I play it now

Author — A Google User


“Number 11: Don’t use your console. Keep it in a germ free room wrapped in plastic wrap. If you do, the universe will crumble and shatter and all life will vanish.”

Author — Sharon Mott


"Don't buy digital games"

Digital only game: Am I a joke to you?

Author — Mr Object


I feel like he just doesn't want us to use our switches at this point ...

Author — Milo Bedford


“Don’t buy digital games”

Me: You could literally just buy a SD card.

Author — CapuChino


When your teacher says your list has to be 10 items long but you only got 3 good ideas

Author — John Crohmer


"don't hold It in your hands"
Switch lite:

Author — UltraRowlet79


"Dont hold your switch in your hands" fine I'll learn the ways of the force

Author — Gay nurse Joy


"when carrying it around, never hold it in your hands."

welp looks like I have to get a robot arm to hold my Switch now

Author — TheBraveSackboy


“Dont buy of the Eshop” also him”link your account to a different place to get different games on the Eshop”

Author — Jrjlc23 23


“Don’t buy third-party switch docks they could damage your switch”

*meanwhile one of the switches biggest issues at launch was the dock scratching the screen*

Author — Green Sonic The Hedgehog


“Your Nintendo switch is done for if you hit it” me dropping mine screen first and it lived and had no problems afterwards

Author — Alexis


“Only have 1 Nintendo account”

My sister and dad, who uses my switch from time to time: “Am I a joke to you?”

Author — Normal person


“Digital games take up storage”

Oh my, gee, I didn’t know!

Author — Vectorlarity


“Don’t buy digital games.”
Welp, guess I’m not playing those digital only games, then. 😔

Author — HWT VI


Dropping the switch does not make it “done for”. My brother was sitting at our kitchen island once and he dropped it. It’s perfectly fine still.

Author — MLBFangirl 07


"don't drop it!" bruv dropped that thing multiple times it's sturdy as a rock. Also, this guy just sounds like he's reading a script he just sounds like someone who wants to get it over with

Author — Lucious Mondaine