WATCH LIVE: Att. Ben Crump, Rev. Al Sharpton, George Floyd's son speak

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WATCH LIVE: Att. Ben Crump, Rev. Al Sharpton, George Floyd's son speak 4.5

Attorney Ben Crump will be joined by Rev. Al Sharpton and George Floyd's son at a press conference in Minneapolis.

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Already they have evidence they don’t need evidence The video is the evidence

Author — hamdi warsame


*"The only rights you have, are the ones you're willing to fight for."*
----Malcolm X

Author — D best


Thank you all. Fighting for justice! ✊🏼✊🏼 Love from Minneapolis.

Author — Tyler Hackner


Quincy, my deepest condolences to you; lift your head high, you are here for a purpose, and God has a plan for your life. DO NOT let the actions of these four cowards who took the life of your father change the trajectory of the path God has for you. You are destined for greatness, you are powerful, and you are strong; a strong BLACK man. I pray that Jesus Christ in camp around you and NO WEAPON formed again you will prosper.



Holy spirit breathe over this family, give them peace and comfort in jesus name, amen.

Author — Tavier Mullings


Their words worked, the other officers was arrested this afternoon. Who knows how many people were treated unfairly while there was no camera or evidence.

Author — Ali Yari


I know Mr Floyd was deceased when he did not moved his head anymore I know he was gone and they know that mr. Floyd was deceased when they put him in the ambulance I have deal with a lot of patience over my 25 years of service so I know when somebody die he was brain. Dead jmw

Author — Johnny Joe


It is such a beautiful blessing to be very intuitive and clairvoyant 444
I had a dream on March 16th 2020
About rioting and
We something very
After a 53 day juice fast you can never be
Visions and dreams and more
A knock @ my DOOR
Some should be taken truth no faken
Extreme lies will have you SHAKEN
Bricks no construction
Guns but no busting
No looting just DISCUSSION
Smooth with it no fussing
Agent in flesh watch who you

Author — MESSIAH 1111


Who brought Quincy on oh Lord help us!

Author — lakisha Harris


Also, police Chauvin kept his left hand in his left front pants pocket and I can confidently say he was putting more pressure pushing his left knee on George's neck 😢.

Author — GRAG MAR


Death penalty, we will not settle for less.

Author — Eva K


The officer that said should we turn him on his side shouldn't be charged

Author — 1417d


God bless you Quincy, and all of your family and may justice be served for your father, George Floyd.

Author — S. Pollock


Too much hatred in this world I hope they know where they going after this because I've been there once good luck

Author — Frank Dumancas


I don’t believe a lot of what’s going on lately. But I do respect this lawyer.

Author — Maria Calvert


Wow Sharpton is there, that man has done more hurt to the black race than any man living today....pathetic

Author — John Carter


Quiney, Mr. Floyd May the piece of the Lord be with his family. I'm so sorry for your loss. This never should have happened. Kathy from Ohio
But it's not just white and black it's also rich and poor. City and rural. The have and the have not. It's all wrong!

Author — Kathy Kaylor


I like this brother he is good brother

Author — ahmed duale


Investigation for what? The whole world saw that they killed him.
Can you guys imagine back on the 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s all away to 90’s without a smartphone an hands.

Author — Sterlin francoeur


They're not treating us like US citizens

Author — Josephine Vandiver