the beauty of an ordinary life - social media and simple living

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Today I wanted to share some of my experiences and feelings in regards to social media, and the benefits and challenges associated with it.
I also wanted to share why I only share certain aspects of my life, and how important privacy is for me, especially when it comes to my relationships. This channel will always be an artistic haven of light and peace, seen through a creative lens that seeks to highlight the picturesque and beauty of the ordinary and everyday.
My name is Paola, I am Puerto Rican American, 24 years old, and currently self employed in Washington State. Thank you for all your lovely comments, it is much appreciated ❤️

This video is a collaboration with my brother Rohan. You can find him on Instagram @ Rohan_Merrill

My 2 favorite books on herbs, wild foods, and foraging (I have learned so much from these books! They are easy to understand and beautifully photographed and written):

1. Wild Remedies by Rosalee de la Foret
2. Alchemy of Herbs by Rosalee de la Foret

Some of many many favorite books:

2. Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield:
3. The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

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💬 Comments

I got rid of my Social Media (except YouTube) months ago and I have never been more creative and happy. The best decision I have ever made. 💕

Author — Shifairah Faith


I feel so obligated to take pictures, when I put my phone away I worry I’m missing capturing a moment and memory. I realized because of social media I feel anxious truly living life. I think many gen z people can relate to this POV.

Author — Juhi Kotwani


Let's avoid the concept of hustle culture and competitive environment and just simply be kind and love our life. When we love life we don't hurt anybody. Peace shines throughout the world. Oh my that's beautiful 🥰

Author — mb


Me: *wants to get into Politics, Travel, Change the World, know about everything*
Also me: *wants to live alone in the woods*

Author — Kenan I


When my mom said that it's because of phone and social media .
She was 100% right .

Author — Tejaswani Rawat


I showed one of your videos to my sister yesterday and she actually had tears in her eyes. She has been having such a rough time over the past few months and your video really helped her to connect with the sense of peace she wants to regain in her life. Thank you Paola.

Author — Maximalism Rehab


Her voice, the music, the scenery.. is really therapeutic.

Author — Toni Espejo


“Embrace whatever chapter your story you are currently in, each one is precious and has so much to give.” — beautifully said by the fairy.

Author — Starrio


10 years ago I cried every day watching the social media of my friends showing their happy lives, one day I decided to leave all social media (except YouTube) and from that day I began a wonderful journey to grow as a person and learn many things, I will never regret having made that decision and I encourage everyone to do the same, at least do a test and you will realize that they do not lose anything, instead you will win a lot 💜

Author — Maria Paula


i recently connected with jesus and found my peace from suicide and toxic relationships and the void i have been in and i hope one day i can earn enough so he can let me live somehwhere peaceful like you <3

Author — Tamara Ibrahim


Last year, I deactivated Instagram. It was hard at first but months later, I understood that there's so much more to life. I had time for everything and I love myself now. It's bliss.

Author — archie


Dear human beings, Go in nature, be in nature every day for at leat 1 hour. You need to disconnect from all social media. I;ve been addicted as a child and the social media back then wasn't the one it is today.

There is so much research on how much psychological issues SM can cause. Similarly, there is a plethora of research on the benefits of being in nature on a psychological, emotional and physical well being!

For me, daily nature is a healing power for my fluorquinolone toxicity recovery.

Remember, we all need water and bread, the rest is marketing.

Author — Amurg Codru


I can't stop thinking of the Barbie and Diamond Castle when she's picking all those flowers.🥺♥️ Craving for that life🤍

Author — Wenilyn Pastolero


If humans don't think of developing too much and instead of that living this kind of life i think there won't be any so many issues on global problem/ climate problem/poverty and many more.

Author — Ls Basu


This is reminding me of Li Ziqi. You’re both so brave to truly try to understand what you really love. Best wishes.

Author — Chen Wang


Simple life like you is the way of life that god wants for us. Close to nature. Farming, gardening, got healthy and fresh food from it. And most importantly have a good community without any envy or desire to compete.

Author — Arthur Muchtar


los últimos días me he sentido tan incómoda rodeada de tantas redes sociales. con tanta presión y comparación por querer y anhelar lo que ellas me muestran. muchas gracias por compartir tan lindo pensamiento, me ayudaste a reflexionar por un momento si las redes sociales son algo por lo que vale la pena perder mi propia paz. gracias. ♡

Author — パメ


I love her voice - it’s so calm . Making guided meditations would be great

Author — Rachael Callista


My feelings were the same as yours, sometimes I thought I was boring when I compared myself with other young people around me, because they travel to exciting places, or when they concentrate their carreer and become someone. Buth then I simply understood that I prefer living differently and I don't have to make the same things the others do. Same for them, they live their ways because (I think) this feels them better. It's a simplce concept, but the hard thing is accepting what your body and mainly your brain wants.

Author — Adventure Nature ASMR


It's only 7 in the morning and I was already stressed out about work. Watching this over breakfast helped immeasurably. You have a lovely voice. Thank you for this.

Author — Siddharth Balakrishnan