DIY Gun Rack | Made from Reclaimed Barn Wood

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A friend asked me to build a gun rack. I gladly accepted the request. I used some old reclaimed barn wood to build these gun racks. This was a great DIY project, that I had a lot of fun making. I did have some issues along the way. Thanks for watching.

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Please remember when using tools of any type, there is the potential for injury. Work at your own risk, be safe, wear your safety gear, and most of all, have fun!

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💬 Comments

"Well...this is an inconvenience." My new favorite phrase. :)

Author — Brandon Wayne


An honest woodworker, nice to see for a change.

Author — Vaughan Stevenson


Great job. That stuff happens all the time. If it ever went right we wouldnt know what to do ! Thanks for sharing.

Author — Bills Simple Pine Design


Nice gun rack, great recovery on the support brackets. Old wood can be a pain to work with sometimes. really enjoyed this one

Author — ceedub 62


Good job man. I love your great attitude most of all. Keep up the good work.

Author — Chris Johnston


Looks awesome. I love the shotgun shells.

Author — M Garne


DryRot/wormhole=character! I like your shop. I can always appreciate someone who will go the extra mile to save something old. That dye worked well. Vinegar/steel wool dissolved matches barnwood coloring well also. Keep it up my friend.

Author — UnitedStatesofBuild


nice project. i like the repairs made now that is real wood working. i enjoy the challenges of working with wood like that.

Author — Michael Puffenbarger


Cool idea for something like a hunting lodge.

Author — Make Crazydays


Getting ready to build a couple of rifle racks and found this video while looking for ideas. This is the most entertaining of any of the videos that I looked at. I even got a good laugh mostly because I make mistakes all the time and usually spend more work time trying to correct the mistakes than I should have done for the whole project. Just fun to see I am not the only one. Ha. And thanks for sharing.

Author — Frank Cook


Great video kept it real awesome job!!

Author — Anthony Aguilar


I'm going to build on for my father in law. Nice build

Author — Wood & Screw


Great vid. Refreshing to see things go wrong as it does in real life.

Author — ruffmutt


I really loved to see how even the pro's have issues. and he showed how to fix those issues.

Author — William Ernest


Nice job reclaiming wood that would have ended up in a land fill.

Author — Veritas Rex


Lol, I liked this video, but not bc of the racks but bc you have a great work shop !! If it was me I would make the same design with some good home depot wood, lol...

Author — David M.


Show ir holding the gun at the end of the video!

Author — Eduardo Tenorio


Stikibits... I agree that a gun safe is safer but before we start calling people twits and irresponsible wankers did you ever think the racks maybe for antique guns that are disabled. I believe the irresponsible thing is that you jumped to conclusions! Also with your views on this matter why did you watch a video on how to build a gun rack in the first place? I don't want to jump to conclusions but did you maybe want to build one? Great video and craftsmanship!!!

Author — 19D3lta


Yikes, ,,,how to make a little job into a huge project to hang one gun.

Author — Michael Brett


It's backwards. LOL. You'll see when he puts the rifle on it. Hahahahaha.

Author — Sneaky Rich