Boeing 747 Crashes in Hong Kong | Into the Storm | China Airlines Flight 605

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Boeing 747 Crashes in Hong Kong | Into the Storm | China Airlines Flight 605 4.5

Find out why this Boeing 747 crashed after overrunning the runway in an attempt to land during a storm in Hong Kong.

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💬 Comments on the video

Anyone else feel relieved whenever you see a TFC video commentary saying ‘Everyone survived’? Great video too btw

Author — Hannes P


the fact that everyone survives is nothing short of a miracle

Author — Marie BCFHS


That simple text, those calm music, the background colour.
Makes me relived.

Author — Jericho 2001


Back around 1985 I flew to HK for the 1st time. I was in a 747 coming out of LAX. Prior to the approach to HK, the flight was uneventful. Nobody told me about the aggressive approach. When the pilot pushed the nose down and made a hard right, I thought we were going down. I had never experienced a landing like that. I could see into people's apartment windows.

Author — Greg Sullivan


Everytime i watch your videos, i hope not to see the "in memory of.." sentence

Author — Rudaina Mohamed


When I flew into this airport I was gripping the arm of my fellow traveler. It was so scary. A very short runway and the buildings closely surrounded the runways..Not to mention the surrounding mountains.. 🥴

Author — 1VegasPitbull 1


Prospective Tenant: "How often do the planes fly by?"
Landlord: "So often you won't even notice it."

Author — Kingfish


Awesome approach graphics. Showing the low pass over Hong Kong, right turn to line up with the touchdown point on the runway.

Author — William Radford


The best part of the video is " Everyone Survived, " it's very relieving.

Author — Mohd. Shaukat


I just love when it says “Everyone Survived”

Author — XP Fly


"You're" fired should be what he heard after the investigation. Forgot to deploy thrust reversers. That is unforgivable.

Author — mark p


I don’t know anything about piloting an aircraft, and honestly my only knowledge is from this channel, but even I was yelling “reverse thrusters” at the screen... gosh, that came so close to being completely catastrophic.

Author — Nicole Lynn


The best thing is that everyone survives.



I always wanted to go to Kai Tak because of its amazing approaches, wish I could’ve visited. Great video, made me feel like I was there with the nice graphics.

Author — Delta747Fan Boeing


Another masterpiece of presentation by The Flight Channel. It's a good job the clowns in the cockpit didn't kill anyone or they would surely have been in jail. Rule No.1 if in doubt, go around. How can a capt. with all those hours of flight time not only forget to use the reverse thrust but actually push the throttles forward instead of backwards! unbelievable!

Author — Wayne M


For the longest time, I thought this was a cable network channel like The Weather Channel and Discovery Channel. So impressive.

Author — AllysonandAlex


The old saying that any landing you can walk away from is a good landing; somehow just doesn't quite make it here. It's great that none lost their lives in this crash. Too bad it was at the cost of a brand new and very expensive airplane. Great job on the video as always! Three cheers!

Author — Michael Schroeder


it must be difficult being a pilot, being incharge of a huge flying machine.being accountable, humans make errors naturally. im glad everyone survived ❤

Author — Summer


Did you play Frontier pilot Simulator?



What an amazing flight channel!
Congrats and keep up the good work!!

Author — Sorry m8