HOW TO MAKE A WORDPRESS WEBSITE 2021 || Divi Theme Full Tutorial for Beginners

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0:00 intro
1:00 getting a host, domain, and wordpress
9:15 getting Divi
13:45 website settings (SSL, name, permalinks)
14:40 add a page, building from scratch
Text, header, background images, paralax effect
Images, testimonials, adding new sections
Forms, maps, footers, and exploring miscellaneous modules
Wireframe view
1:08:00 saving a section to library
1:11:30 Menu and Header editing
Adding a logo
1:23:00 ensure SSL lock is displayed
1:24:30 Optimize your website for mobile and tablets
1:28:15 Adding Blog Posts
1:30:20 Create a page from template
1:41:30 The next steps

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Author — Santrel Media


Great tutorial! Thanks so much for making it! :) I tried to practice recreating the website. The title ("outdoor photography academy") only shows on the website page but not on tablet or iPhone. I was wondering how should I fix it? Thanks!

Author — Grace Gong


Glad there are more tutorials on Divi! is it possible to save sections / templates to the library and use them for a few different websites? I need to (re)design 5+ websites :), bought Divi in the winter, still figuring it out... and also how can one design a website as a draft and then attach it to a domain (for example if I need to to use my old website on that domain and it takes time to design it - so I would not want to the website to be under construction for a long time). I used to use weebly templates. Divi and WP is a learning curve for sure.

Author — Life in Glow Wellness


Hey Nate and Mike! I've been seeing your content and I gotta say, I'm impressed! I previously reached out to see if we can discuss an idea of a video that will go viral! Please let me know how to best contact you and I'll be happy to share it with you! Keep up the good work!

Author — Blue Edge Financial


This is an incredible tutorial! Thank you for making and sharing! the best 1.5 Hrs spending learning how to make website using Divi! Cheers from San Francisco! Liked and Subscribed!

Author — OSYM


I am planning to make a blog for affiliate marketing. My question is, do i need to put Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions in my blog site? or can you make a content for these thank you.

Author — Carlo Diaz


New subscriber here! Hoping to learn a lot from your channel.

Author — Life With Nad Martineau


It seems like two real brothers are admin of this youtube channel equally. This is pretty good 👌👍

Author — Rizwan Ali Khan


Thanks bro I need this, it’s just came at the right time!!!

Author — Modern day donkey


As a total Newbie to web development and someone who has been watching many tutorials on WordPress and Divi.

This has been the best basic tutorial I've watched so far. Thank you.

Why? Combination of simple, straightforward instructions and good introduction to the basics with going into too much depth, which can be confusing.

I've been struggling to understand how it all works even after watching several other mind numbing 3hr+ videos.

I appreciate the content.

Author — TheApocalypticDreams


Hello! I wonder if we can use Divi builder for Astra theme?

Author — Ric Young


What theme/template through Envato & Elementor would you recommend if we dont have the money to spend on Divi?

Author — Damian J


Impressive. Not too long and easy to follow

Author — Shahnaaz Sharif


You forgot to say how can we delete the footer that comes by default... :s

Author — Karen Michelle Gibbs Fuentes


who wants to start a blog wow this is amazing training 😁😁



_I've used wordpress before but never Divi..i'll have to give it a try_ 🔥

Author — Haris King - Crypto Entertainment


Can I just pay you to fix mine? In two hours you could do it so easily!!

Author — dailyn matthews