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Sumerians, Anunnaki and Nibiru: The Truth | Ancient Architects 4.5

Browsing the internet and scanning YouTube, the subject of the Ancient #Sumerians is dominated by click-bate tales of #Anunnaki overlords, the so-called planet #Nibiru that we’re told is on its way back time and time again, but never materialises, the genetically-engineered human slave race that mined gold and many other interpretations that have been taken by so many to be real historical accounts of our ancient past.

The popularisation of the Sumerian myths is based on translations of cuneiform tablets made by #ZechariaSitchin, and this has triggered a generation of ancient aliens theorists who have promoted the myth of overlord gods who from heaven to earth came.

The foundation for the theory is Sitchin’s series of Earth Chronicles books where he talks of a group of mythical beings known as the Anunnaki, who he claimed crossed their own DNA with that of Homo erectus in order to create humankind. And the reason? To use humans as slaves to mine gold and other precious minerals to save their planet. And surprisingly, this is a narrative believed by so many.

Watch this video to find out the truth about the ancient Sumerian myths and please comment your thoughts below.

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Author — Ancient Architects


I’d love to see you on the Joe Rogan show! You should reach out to him!!

Author — Keep Moving


Sitchin's version of ancient Sumeria is about as accurate as mainstream Egyptologists' version of ancient Egypt.

Author — moonknight79


Absolutely start with the Earth.. Nice presentation and great thinking, question everything, including EVERYTHING.. Otherwise our thoughts are preconceived!

Author — The Lost History Channel TKTC


Good video, but as others have also commented, the subject is very complicated. In many cultures around the world there are myths and legends about the gods who created man and others gods who taught mankind. During the event that preceded the Younger Dryas, whether you believe it was a comet impact or something else, a great reset occurred. There is really very little history about the world before this event. The recent discovery of the ancient city of Dwarka, which was in the legends, suggest that the world prior to the event was truly exceptional. That city, was as legend say, the home of a god. Currently this underwater city has very restricted access, presumably to prevent looting. If the slow pace of archeology on the Giza plateau, at the direction of the Egyptian government, is used as a model then it will be decades before any real answers come from that city.
As 90%+ of the human population lives on the coast, turning back the clock to before the great event means that the oceans were about 300 feet lower. This year I am modifying my sailboat to contain sidescan and downscan sonar to record what I sail over. Who knows what else may be found. As I am retired from US Navy submarines, previously worked for Ocean Systems in sonar systems and have been a diver for 40 years it would be astronomical luck if I were to find something. But like the Lotto, you can’t win if you don’t play. Wish me luck. 😎👍⛵️

Author — workski2


No disclaimer that you don't understand Cuneiform? For god sake, that Heiser-dude is a christian.. You can't quote him on any textual understandimg. At least Sitchin revived that ancient language with many new interpretations and none of them are really debunked. Don't forget that we still don't have convincing answers, so it's essential to keep an open mind.

Author — Duketown Media


My Theory of the Gods of ancient cultures is that they are survivors of the precursor human cultures prior to the Younger Dryas event. It is the most logical explanation, while I don't deny ET or any involvement from ET in the past, the ancient alien theory takes away the sheer brilliance of our ancient cultures. Our society and its exceptionalism that we are the pinnacle is our greatest flaw and is the reason why academic archaeology as we know it is a sham.

Author — Sammy Johnston


maybe you should get more info about Indian vedas, South American Popol Vuh, North American native legends, Egyptian mythology, Aboriginal legends, some African tribes' legends, Tibetan beliefs, even the Old testament scriptures and some parts of Greek and Roman mythology... when you see everything in more broader context, basically all ancient stories, beliefs, mythologies and legends, from all over the globe, are telling similar stories about people who came from heaven, within their air-vehicles and started to spread the knowledge and wisdom.
according to them, after some time it gets clear that some kind of intelligence tried to improve early human tribes, gather them and forge them into great civilizations.
were those intelligent humanoids came from distant stars, or were the last remnants of much older advanced civilization which suffered some great catastrophe, remains unknown. but when you look at some ancient archaeological remains which can't be easy explained (just like recently discovered electromagnetic properties of the Great pyramid and Giza plateau), some stories could look pretty plausible.
or maybe everything is a pile of pure BS? I don't know, but OOP architecture is just impressive and the fact is our history is yet to be explained to the very end.

Author — damyr


The real problem is not so much that Sitchin is wrong but that so few documents have actually been published in translated form. Far too much of what we have is lying untranslated or unpublished in museum back rooms and basements. In fact access to most tablets is so limited that they might as well not exist.
For all we really know, Sitchin translated something perfectly but we don't know what it was. He may have translated a popular set of Sumerian science fiction novels. Sitchin fell into the same trap of most scholars by not showing photos of the originals alongside his reading in Sumerian and his translations. Almost no one does this and it is the only way for us to judge between scholarly work.
Far too much is hoarded by scholars in order to protect their status and specialty, they often don't fully share with each other, let alone the interested public.
The cuneform library has so little available (in relation to what has been recovered) that we don't know where it fits in either. For example, we may find that we have the equivelant of a single private library of fiction or the viewpoint of only a small number of people. Tommorow we may get a set of tablets that has a completly alternate cosmology and the poor scholar who dares to publish will see their career ruined for not toeing the line (indeed they may already be sitting on important work for fear of this.)
For example, we still have no real explanation about the timespans involved in the antediluvian kings lists and if someone were to translate a Sumerian scientific reason for a huge shortening of human lifespan, the best they could hope for is a pat on the head for translating "legends". Certainly they would have no hope of being taken seriously.
The public that is interested in ancient history is fairly large and is very hungry for honest and reliable information. Even when we get something that is available it is largely the result of echo- chamber science where there is much ignored in order to fit scholars opinion. For example we know that many hieroglyphs carry symbolic as well as literal meaning and that they also carry esoteric or theoretical meaning, but we only rarely see any attempt to delve into the extra layers of meaning. This is especially ironic when we look at texts in temples and burials where these extra layers of thought are even more likely to be expressed.
We may well find ice age and pre ice age history has been preserved in the form of legend and stories of the gods. Indeed there may be evidence of survival from destroyed civilizations contained in those stories but at the moment we are starved for the right kind of scholarship.

Author — James Middleton


I believe the "slave race" and God's was just like when the Spaniards first met the natives. They literally thought they were gods and tricked them out of gold. Look up the "Varna" or Old Danube culture that predates Sumeria and Egypt.

Author — Mike Semon


Real research/thinking how refreshing especially in this cesspit of loons called youtube (on these subjects) & as stated by others your channel is evolving well keep it up Sir & thank you.

Author — KiLLiNG-TiME


A great series to watch involving Mesopotamia and the Annunaki is "Ancient Civilizations" on Gaia. Graham Hancock is a great speaker on the series.

Author — Fire_Element


I was disappointed when i saw the title, i thought "crap this guy better not drink the kool-aid"
So glad you havent.
Why is the "proof & evidence" these people bring about as believable as flat earth? Lol just as i typed that you mentioned flat earth*
Science is truth

Author — Farting Duck


Crikey, I asked for some real info on Sumerian stuff and we received a fantastic rebuff of the fantastical claims of others. Brilliant, now for some real earthly information please.

Author — pwsod


Taking words from Graham Hancock "I believe we are a species with amnesia, I think we have forgotten our roots and our origins. I think we are quite lost in many ways. And we live in a society that invests huge amounts of money and vast quantities of energy in ensuring that we all stay lost. A society that invests in creating unconsciousness, which invests in keeping people asleep so that we are just passive consumers or products and not really asking any of the questions."

Author — Pedro De lima


Someone needed to say it. Well done sir. Great vid as usual.

Author — Stumpy Plank


Good video. Few issues:
1. Sumerians really believed that these so called 'Anunnaki/gods' really lived on Earth and interracted with humans. Question of correct translation of word 'Anunnaki' or the reason why they 'created humans' (you made good point about technology - robots/androids would be more useful for 'mining the gold') shouldn't overshadow their belief. In their literature such as Eridu Genesis, stories of Gilgamesh, Lament for Ur etc. it is very clear. So we can either think that they just invited these 'gods' in their imagination or that they reported true stories. The story of Anunnaki and Nibiru isn't the whole issue regarding their gods because..

2. You can make a video about Oannes. Oannes was a great teacher who teached Sumerians and Babilonians the most important and useful areas of science. He wear very strange clothes (similiar to Bep Kororoti, Viracocha and Kachinas) - even Carl Sagan considered option that he could be an alien (later he said he wasn't right, when Daniken became famous). The story of Oannes was reported by historian Berossos. So once again, we can say that this was just imagination of the ancient people or that they reported true events.

3. You can also make a video about ziggurats. Sumerians built them for the gods - they believed that 'gods' came down from the sky on the top of the ziggurats. There were very interesting ziggurats - ziggurat Anu with white temple, Etemenanki etc. Once again - we can say that they build it for the 'gods' which never existed or that maybe somebody really told them to build such temples.

4. It's good that you didn't said 'aliens never visited Sumerians', but only that Sitchin claims are not convincing evidence. That's true. As you know, we can't disprove that option. There is just not enough evidence for that claims connected with Anunnaki and Nibiru.

5. There is also interesting story about Gilgamesh - according to historians he was historical figure, however Sumerians claimed that he lived for 126 years. There are more such weird stuff.

6. For the ancient astronaut theory the most important thing in Sumerians claims is that they said exactly the same thing like all the other ancient cultures - that in the beginning gods came on Earth, created humans and later teached them knowledge appropriate for their times. It happened everywhere in the world and I think that's most important thing regarding these 'Anunnaki' stories.

Author — Kosmiczne Opowieści


Like yourself I try to keep an open mind about interpretations of history. But not so open minded that my brain falls out. Well done.

Author — Jarrard68


No astronomical expertise? Knowledge of the Asteroid Belt (aka the Hammered Bracelet) beyond Mars, including a more accurate description of its creation than what modern astronomers are providing us. Were the Ancient Sumerians phenomenally good guessers or just conscientious note takers? Whatever. Pfft. Did you even read the Enuma Elish? The teacher will appear when the student is ready to learn.

But while I have you here, with that promise of checking through the comments, might I propose another topic entirely? Cocaine has been found in drug tests of Egyptian royalty, as well as some other curiosities, suggesting trade with South America. Could you research an oversized relief sculpture in an outdoor niche of what appears to be commemorating the meeting of an Egyptian pharaoh and a Mayan chief, complete with identifiable headdress? Saw it once on a video with a tour guide. Thought it was groundbreaking stuff, only to never hear or see it again. The relief sculpture was in perfect condition, showing the pharaoh on the left side with his hand out to the chief on the right side, both in typical Egyptian profile, the two men facing each other

Author — dafttool


I absolutely think that the Anunnaki were real individuals, just as I believe the same about the ancient Egyptian gods. I think that Anu, Ki, Osiris and the like are fragments or derivatives of names from survivors of the lost civilization that came before them. As for their deification, consider that even the architect-priest Imhotep was eventually worshipped as a god. I don't find it hard to believe or even a stretch of the imagination that a few highly capable and knowledgeable survivors of that civilization, teaching what they could of their knowledge and culture to more primitive hunter-gatherers, would have their names pass into storied myth and legend.

Author — sailingmaster