Tareq , Gaui x7 .. MKS servos x8

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للتواصل على حسابي الخاص في الانستجرام :
فيس بوك :

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Still the best recorded RC heli flight of all time. 2013 when I found this it was the craziest and most aesthetic flight ever...still is. No contest.

Author — Brendan Redler


I watched this many years ago by random chance, it's this video that inspired me to get into 3D helis. After all that time, rewatching it again it still is holds up to time.

Author — kwa


I remember seeing this video 5 months ago while searching online for my next Heli after realising I needed more from my MCX. It made NOOO sense to me and was convinced I had no interest in this type of chaos. 5 months in, 1 new transmitter, 1 Flight sim and 5 Helis later, I watched this again. "Good god man". It makes perfect sense now I have an understanding of what's involved. Your amazing. 1 gripe. Please don't fly so close to yourself. I want to see more of your skills into the future. Don't want to be hearing "Remember Tariq? He was awesome".

Author — crumbsy1


I've been watching a lot of 3d vids recently, and this is still the sickest flying I've found yet. What gyro are you running?

Author — jmtyndall


I've honestly never seen anything like that before, that was insane

Author — Josh - JDoofy


the best rc pilot i ever seen in my life. so amazing the coordination with his brain and the machine is terrible...ensane...🤩🤩🤩

Author — Edwin Aguinaldo


Merci Tareq & cam guy, After all i have seen from you! This has to be the MOST extreme 3d "700" flight in a very tight area!!!! thanks Tarek

Author — Peter Brown


Nice flying. I would love to see a split/dual camera video showing the flight and your stick work.

Author — Bernard Roth


EXCELLENT! flying Tareq. Love watching your videos. Always get amazed at your 3D skill and speed.

Author — HyperVelocityAus


So used to watch rc heli videos, I thought there was nothing new to see. Well, I was flat wrong. Tareq is always an wonderful experience...! You inspire us all a lot!

Author — JC


One of the most legendary Videos of Tareq Alsadi in his prime! This is the definition of pure skill. He maintained close boundaries, not crashing a single time- Showing the pure size of this thing and the unreal speeds it possesses when demonstrated up close-

This is one of his best.

Love from Michigan USA!

Author — HellBoundGaming&Irl


Imagine a velocidade que ele deve atingir em linha reta!!!!

Author — Joseph S


This is exactly the kind of craziness that keeps me inspired enough to practice hard. So inspiring and humbling. Plain ridiculous. Awesome

Author — MicroRCFiend


You're the best rc helicopter pilot in the world

Author — Tin Tran


And Tareq raises the bar one more time...amazing stuff, keep the vids coming along!

Author — Mike Cherry


You sense of spacial awareness is incredible Tareq, Amazing stuff!

Author — koolkiwikat


Hats off to the master to all Heli flyers. I love your vids and mastery.

Author — TOPHAT1966GS


I'm speechless- that's absolutely mind blowing! Well done!

Author — fostersdomain


Head and shoulders THE best 3d heli video (and flying) I have ever watched.. OK you have to know the subtle little details to appreciate this - like the cadence in the 8's (mobius?) when Tareq accelerates into each "corner".. I stand by my comment having watches 100s of 3d videos!
Tareq... have you ever wondered exactly why this video is so popular?

Author — William Willis


the fact that you can make an RC Helicopter fly like that is amazing.

Author — Anthony Sands