DCS WORLD | Wild Weasel Episode 1: Sa-2 Guideline

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

In this DCS World video I share some of the tactics that can be used to destroy an SA-2 guideline WITHOUT using HARMs. The techniques are based on experience in the game, I am not a Wild Weasel pilot, nor would I like to be. Far too dangerous.

More episodes will follow as I embark on a mission to help you survive in the online world of DCS.

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Keep the short instructionals like this coming, appreciate your vids as always!

Author — Jonathan Walters


Going into beaming/notch and then releasing chaff (maybe with steep descent, if SAM is really dangerous) is much easier and practically eliminates luck from SAM evasion (no near misses which would have been hits if we had proximity fuses), just remember heading to the radar and hard turn 90 degrees, then level out and observe RWR and missile smoke trail while releasing chaff, then, when missiles lost you and you do not expect "relock", turn back to close the distance. Lower altitudes make it even easier, even without terrain masking (if you do not expect manpads all over). And, nothing will save you from a proper SAM battery with short range and AAA/IR cover, but distance (HARM, Sidearm or Maverick).

Author — Aernov


Could you do a tutorial on how to create a proper ground defence to cover from low level to high level using real world placement ideas and using the terrain to assist the defenders please. Would be nice to see real world distances for placement of all these assets, maybe in Syria? Many thanks mate

Author — Cymro1970


Really liked this one. Looking forward to other tutorials at weaseling.

Author — AnAmericanDodo


Nice video! Short tutorials like this are most welcome.

One suggestion for you, though: you did not see the lock/launch because, for whatever absurd reason, toggling "SEARCH" mode in the F-5E's RWR filters out spiking radars. If you had toggled out of "SEARCH" mode, you would have seen the SA-2 spiking you. Just for more fun, the F-5E RWR only gives you one innocuous sounding audio cue for when you're being spiked, instead of a continuous warning like most RWRs seem to. Obviously you knew what was happening from the audio cues because you narrated it, but while the RWR is bugged as it is, I think it's better practice to key off "SEARCH" mode when weaseling out a SAM.

Author — Thuraash1


Just discovered you. Keep it up with these Tactics vids. This is an area I struggle finding good advise for, I think everyone is "scared" of the keyboard fighter pilot "ackually" types.

Author — Brian Chambers


Great video and can't wait to see more, but isn't this an incredibly dangerous way to deal with SAMs? I feel like turning into the missile's turn circle should be a last resort.

Author — Chad Marlan


Awesome, looking forward to this series

Author — Colin Boone


"Ask Gary Powers."

You have been awarded one single "Yike".

Also VTOL VR has given me a question. Does chaff effect search and track radar lock? That game models chaff as being MORE effective against search radars than locked missle guidance. I didn't know chaff effected search radar at all. I thought that was just Jamming?

Author — Michael Westmoreland


Sa-2s seem broken in DCS at the minute, you can make a gentle turn without chaffing a few seconds before they will
Impact and they miss quite reliably

Author — George


Great video!
Please incorporate metrics in the future as well.

Author — iko


Great trick to deal with one but you are rarely going to be running into just one SAM so this strat is extremely risky.

Author — Blazingakatosh


I watched these episodes back to front. This one was also very helpful

Author — Apollo Actual


I read in a fighter jet magazine a few years back that during the Bosnia bombing campaign it took nato 2 months and 280 harms to take out two sa 2 systems. If that is the case, sam's in dcs is lacking. It's pretty easy to take out sam's. In BMS it's a little more challenging.

Author — Blacknemsis


The SAM site like this one should have a shorad and AAA protection so it's not actually that easy to operate within its dead zone. Still, cool to see how u got through the effective rang. Thumbs up!

Author — Krzysztof


Dodging SA2 at high altitudes is easy, with the F18 at 45k ft if you go straight full AB the missile won't be able to turn fast enough to hit you even if you overfly the site and don't manouver.

Author — Dankan37


So glad I found your channel, fluent to the point

Author — SchmokedPancake


I've waited for this kind of tutorial! What about the other air defences?

Author — BongPow3r


Man, your work is on point. Thanks for the great content. Consider yourself subscribed to!

Author — Str|ke


Thanks, useful video. You said "chaff and flare" in the video, what is the value in dropping flares if you have RWR return?

Author — Dominic Earley