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Netanyahu at War (full film) | FRONTLINE 4.5

An inside look at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political rise and his combative relationship with past U.S. presidents.

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In Netanyahu's eyes, Trump must have come from heaven.

Author — victor nderu


We here in lebanon a huge portion of civilians want peace with Israel

Author — Meemo M


We will not forget who OUR "friends " are come 2020! And Israel ain't one of them! Not in its present iteration.

Author — John Fallon


Bombing near election?
Sounds familiar?

Natanyahu name is written all over those bombings!

Author — S J


Isreal has said ( NEVER Again) they mean this

Author — Dencil Dean


This narrator could read the nutritional label of my Cheerios box and make it sound epic.

Author — Ian Dehavem


Obama was backed by "Jewish Progressives." I don't consider them Jewish, since history teaches us that a Jewish Progressives grandson or great grandson is not Jewish because of intermarriage. So much for them knowing that Obama had a Jew soul...

Author — Meir O


Churchill did not stop Nazi Germany.
It was millions of soldiers from all over the world.
Churchill. Right place. Right time.

Author — Fat Freddy


My fav narrator. I was just thinking about hearing his voice and so searched Frontline. Awesome tone tenor and timbre.

Author — Miklmikl Mtrcycl


The greatest leader that Israel has ever had

Author — Ron levi


My only question why Usa want to enter into conflict of Middle East why why why

Author — Dinesh Reddy


American Politician are selling this country to them for personal gain.

Author — Naim Blakaj


I felt that when Arafat asked him"do u want to walk behind my casket?"

Author — Damian Jackson


Kerry was and still a traitor to this country

Author — Tu Nguyen


I don't want to spoil anything for anybody, but the Frontline airing January 5th, 2066 will be covering a very similar topic.

Author — Russell St.Martin


Israel e Brasil dois amigos de longa data.BRASIL.

Author — grillo do deserto


"Shouting, screaming....", hilarious. He was just trying to keep himself and others alive.

Author — Spasoje Kulašević


obama should of said palastine move to alaska..."new palastine"

Author — Ryld Auril


What about 2016-2020? That's just as important as everything else.

Author — James Adams


Religious extremists holding the world hostage.. in God's name Ironically

Author — Justin D