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Thailand and the fallout from mass tourism | DW Documentary 4.5
Plastic garbage and the death of the coral reefs show the downside of mass tourism in Thailand, which hosted 36 million visitors in 2018. The documentary looks at the effects on tourist resorts above and below water.

Ten years ago there were 20 million fewer tourists. Today’s mass tourism has both social and ecological consequences. Most of the Thailand’s popular tourist resorts discharge untreated sewage into the sea, and plastic waste ends up in the water. This is killing off the fragile coral reefs along the coast. The countless hotels and restaurants mainly serve fresh fish, so fishing boats are using giant trawl nets, which are also destroying the coral. The internationally renowned marine ecologist Thon Thamrongnawasawa from the University of Bangkok says 77 percent of Thailand's coral reefs have been severely damaged. Meanwhile, the locals in popular tourist resorts hardly benefit from the huge numbers of holidaymakers at all. They work for the minimum wage and are often pushed out by guest workers from neighboring Myanmar, who are willing to work for even less money. Small local restaurants lose out when the big tour operators take their guests on all-inclusive excursions. The filmmakers first visited Thailand a few years ago, shooting enchanting footage of the still intact underwater world in many places. Now they are back there again to look at the consequences of unrestricted tourism - both above and below the waterline.


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Philippine President Duterte had to close the famous beach resort because of inadequate waste management. It was only opened when it was cleaned up. I think the number of tourists should be limited at a given time. Tourists felt robbed and cheated when the experience of clean beautiful scenery is nowhere to be found but replaced by foul smelling garbage and overpopulated tourists.

Author — Manuel Moraleda


It's not just the tourists, locals are not exactly eco-friendly as well. I am not condoning the mass tourism but I think this documentary is quite naive and lopsided.

Author — ShadowfinderMusic


Should be called Thailand and the fallout from a greedy government.

Author — Canaan Banana


Its not the tourist but the garbage management. I don't see that tourist in Japan causing rubbish piles. Control the seller, control the hotel etc..

Author — shirl e


34:31...TOURISTS? Dumping wood planks and broken tv's???? I don't think so.

Author — Lea Inokuchi


having been to thailand the rubbish seems to be more from locals than the tourists same with bali

Author — debeeriz


So Thailand reaps a financial windfall in tourism and can't build into their infrastructure a way to dispose of the waste generated
by the huge influx of tourists.
I don't believe for a second that all the tourist are just standing on their beaches throwing all their garbage on the ground
and into the water, where's civic pride or the police?
Once again instead of taking responsibility for their situation they take the money from the tourist and then blame the same
tourist for what? not bringing with them an adequate means of disposal. Look at Hawaii and other places with a high volume
of tourists, they don't have this problem to this degree do they?

Author — omallyman


This happens all over the world.. not just in Thailand. We gotta do better as humans..

Author — Kekoa Hoomanawanui


No tourist where we live but the roads are lined with rubbish, people dump anything anywhere

Author — Peter Grahame


This is heavily biased. Tourism brings incredible wealth to needs to invest some of that in good sanitation and requiring locals, and their fishermen, to behave properly.
As a tourist I don't litter, my hotel has bins, toilets, bars and restaurants have the same. If thais decide to flush toilets straight into the sea, dump rubbish everywhere and drag nets over coral etc that's on them. Id coral is being damaged then restrict can it be anything else?

Author — Eleven : Eleven


I've watched a lot of vloggers coming in the Philippines.. and thing they have all noticed compared to Thailand is the number of tourists. Sure, Boracay and Palawan will always be crowded because its a very popular tourist destination. But Thailand has It far worst compared to what is happening in Philippines. Right now, the government implemented a law limiting the number of visitors coming in Boracay and Palawan. There is strict policy in terms of plastic usage and throwing garbage. Thailand doesnt seem to care on how many visitors should come or how to handle their garbage. I'm sorry to say this, but I would still prefer visiting Philippines than in Thailand. THERE ARE MANY TOURISTS in Thailand. You can never feel the seclusion you want. While in the Philippines, you can have a piece of paradies all by yourself. There are little to no tourists in a lot of beaches. They are a lot more cleaner, quieter and prettier. In a way, we kind want to talk Thailand for talking all the tourists. Because it allows the natural beauty of the Phillpines to be intact. It allows tourists to enjoy the famous beaches, islands and vacation spots much more because of the seclusion and privacy they provide.

Author — thekentai15


No Tourism, No Revenue for Thailand! Government Corruption and Poor Management are the main x-factors hurting Thailand, not tourism!

Author — Nomad Kickbox


Thailand's litter problem is largely down to Thai people an their ignorance to it. Most tourists will go out of their way to seek a bin...

Author — Thai Mountain Treks


Call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye.

Author — Tony B


It really is turning into a cesspit.The smiles have gone and are replaced by frowns.So Sad.
The only reason you will get a smile is when the Thai are thinking about how much money they can scam from you.Don't bother.

Author — Brendan Barnes


This is the reason I quit going to Thailand. The amount of tourist is mind-boggling. So many other places in Asia to see without the huge lines of people everywhere.

Author — Matthieu Bryson


Do what the Philippines did to a popular tourist beach: shut it down for months clean it up and crack down on the rules.

Author — thetalshihar


I live at Thailand for the past 10 years and yes tourists sometimes throw stuff around, but trust me its not even 1% of how much Thais dont have sense about this issue. They trow things literally everywhere, on many occasions I even saw policeman at traffic light drinking red bull and throwing glass bottle on a side of the road in the grass. Tourists sometimes even collect garbage around, take care of their stray dogs and many other things. Thailand tourist industry will collapse soon just mark my words, people are sick of their discrimination, racism, double standards and many other things that are getting worse each day. I feel like in the future many tourists will opt to go to South America, Vietnam, etc rather than TH.

Author — speedfreakpsycho


Don’t just blame on the tourists. It’s up to your country to protect the natural environment, and enforce littering is prohibited. So, what did your government do?

Author — grumpy oldman


do you remember the matrix?

'... Agent Smith : I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague and we are the cure. ...'

Author — Tebogo Tselane