Steeped Tea - How to make loose leaf tea with Gaiwan

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Find out a proper way of making loose leaf steeped tea - using a Gaiwan and porcelain teacup, you don't need a large tea set. In this demonstration I'm drinking Bai mu dan white tea which has good health benefits. You can prepare any tea using a Gaiwan.. green tea, oolong tea, puerh or even herbal tea. Remember, don't use tea bags, they are bad for you. Convert to steeping loose leaf tea instead. You will love the ceremony (Gongfu) it will bring you inner peace.

If you wish to further you tea brewing knowledge, fallow this guide provided from Mei Leaf. They are experienced when it comes to loose leaf tea:

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Never brewed tea in anything other than a tea pot, this looks nice ! How large is your gaiwan ? Seems like a lot of hustle if you have guests

Author — Marisa K


And I'm sitting here with a tea bag in my cup...

Author — Ryan May


That gaiwan thing looks good loads of steeping lifting with that thing I imagine

Author — bringosdingos


wooo I got gaiwan just like yours ! happy tea time

Author — Kisha Pankawaski


You funny man, I like coffee though. Tea is to weak.

Author — Bankov Anasi


Very trippy video and nice tunes indeed

Author — Seckenn


Your tones are good. Do you speak Chinese?

Author — Alexander Nordstrand