American REACTS to Romanian Lifestyle | Romania Is Amazing

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American REACTS to Romanian Lifestyle | Romania Is Amazing.

An American's view on living in Romania (food, culture, traditions, people, language, etc.) Living in Romania vs living in the United States.

Comment below things you love about life in Romania (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Iași, Constanța, Craiova, Brașov, Galați, Ploiești, Oradea, etc.)!

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💬 Comments

It's very heart warming to listen to him speak so respectful of Romania and it's culture.

Author — HarveySpecteSuits


We really eat bread with everything. And we use to say: "Ia mamă cu pâine, că e mai bun"

Author — Cărămidă LZ


Dude, you forgot about the "mici, mustard & beer" combo :D

Author — Dragos-George Cheptanaru


I am really curious for how long have you stayed in Romania. Your pronounciation and observations are spot on.

Author — Liviu Jivan


as a romanian, i can say this was pretty accurate! loved it. shaorma isn’t necessary romanian, but we’ve had it as a street food for as long as i can remember, so i guess that sort of makes it part of our culture. loved this guy’s romanian as well, did well at those ț, ă, ș 😆

Author — Andreea Faur


Romanians:I want in America
American:I want in Romania

Author — Tudiflex


feels good to listen to him not talking shit about Romania

Author — ZEV


Dude *m-ai dat pe spate*. As a romanian i honestly think that you understand us a bit better than some romanians!:))
My gf is swedish and has been living here for 9years and she laughed so hard at your observations, cuz she feels the same about our culture, food and language. She could guess what you were about to say:))
Thanks for the kind words. You're always welcome back in romania

Author — Andrei Siu


This guy is just brilliant, knows so much it kinda makes me think he's actually a romanian with a really good american accent

Author — TER Films2


Yeah... If I don't eat bread one single day, I'm starving 🤣🤣🤣. Big hug from Romania!

Author — DoCe


Americans when they hear you don't pay 3.500$ for an ambulance:


Author — HAXAD


I cant wait to visit Romania, a country that has always fascinated me. So much history and vibrant culture, and completely different to its neighbouring countries

Author — Matt Shipley


Romanian is such a beautiful language.
I'm from Portugal btw but I'm in love with languages.

Author — Mitty Tsukino


I was captivated hearing about my own country, you described it better than any romanian could. Thank you.

Author — Alexandra Nicoleta


This is shockingly well researched and/or experienced. This is an incredibly well prepared material. I have not encountered anything comparable on YouTube. :-O

Author — Andrei IR


This guy is so smart, well educated person with a very good command of romanian culture and language. Hats off to you dear sir!

Author — catpowerro1110


As a romanian from Sibiu, I agree so much to everything you said. Thank you so much for being respectful to our country, history & coulture.

Author — Kira Reign


Your pronunciation is amazing! I'm from Romania and I live in Sweden now and I miss home so much. Thank you for this!

Author — Loredana Miroiu


His smile when he started talking about food is priceless ❤

Author — Yeet Isabeeelll


More people should see this before going to Romania on vacation because you nailed it so hard!!! Congratulations 🎉🙏🏼👍🏼

Author — Petru