Vladimir Putin Aims To Put Russia On Mars In 2019

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Vladimir Putin Aims To Put Russia On Mars In 2019 4.5

Vladimir Putin aims to put Russia on Mars in 2019. Russian president recently said that he aims to put people on Mars by the year 2019.

Putin has announced that he plans to send manned and unmanned missions to Mars as early as 2019. He also plans to send missions to the Moon and deeper into space. If the manned Mars mission is successful, Putin's faction will get there years before competing missions from SpaceX, which anticipates sending humans to the Red Planet in 2024 and NASA in the 2030s.

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History repeats itself..space race all over again lol

Author — Chris Beach


Uuum I'm pretty sure that they would have had to leave already to get there by 2019. Lol

Author — Elizabeth T


They'll just blame the Russian flag planted on Mars on the mafia like everything else.

Author — Bungis Albondigas


Never underestimate the Russians they are a vary capable and strong people

Author — HailtheGods


So I guess we should watch out for more classified lost cosmonaut transmissions, soon. It makes me wonder if the underlying hostilities of the Cold War ever truly ended.

Author — katty


1:32 Looks like a lego guy standing on 40-grit sandpaper.

Author — Laura K


Great News for a child of the ‘space race’
I was 5 on the day man walked on the moon and have waited for such an announcement for many years following. Not bothered who as it should be made in the name of reason all space endeavours have been held back for years.
Great video thanks

Author — Patrick Bone


Hate to be the nay sayer. But putting a man on Mars is a bigger task than they imagine. Maybe by 2020. But I doubt this will happen next year.

Author — Jay 413


Just tell him to go down to local sweet shop, it lot cheaper sending rocket 🚀 up

Author — Leslie Winter


NASA going to mars by pssshhh what a joke! Space X will be the first to be their! NASA has become such a joke! I only hope this new age space race
Between Russia and American company space X may lite a fire under NASA’s behind and wake up!

Author — Lps johnson Johnson


hey russia remembered what happens last time u challenged us in space "cough cough Apollo cough 11"

Author — Faith WashYoHands


Well, a space race is what we need again! This is good!

Author — Marine1986 -


Love all your video they are so packed with possible interesting journey's into space.

Author — Ella Vallthor


I kind of believe Russia will succeed..

Author — Elaine Hinton


America welcome back to the space race

Author — bigworm 678


You guys are damn or just dreaming about it?

Author — pgthinker007


Someone should tell putin that window opens in 2020. :D

Author — dublux


I am from the 4th kind Encounter group can call me a Remote Viewer if you

Author — Gecko


Space race v2 hope Britain gets in this one

Author — English - union party of the United States


Young Vladi on mars he be "putin" people everywhere

Author — Michael Alvarado