SAN PEDRO BELIZE 2018!!! Ambergris Caye Belize! Truck Stop Belize! Secret Beach Belize!

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SAN PEDRO BELIZE 2018!!! Ambergris Caye Belize! Truck Stop Belize! Secret Beach Belize! 4.5

SAN PEDRO BELIZE 2018!!! Ambergris Caye Belize! Truck Stop Belize! Secret Beach Belize! San Pedro! Palapa bar and grill Belize! Sandy toes Belize! Central America!

My husband and I took our first vacation without the kids and we decided to go back to our love of Belize! We were in Caye Caulker for the first 3 days then traveled to San Pedro for the last 3 days! We can’t wait to come back with the kids next time 😉

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That's where I come from. But I live in the city.

Author — Cayden Tingling


Hi!!! how are you doing guys 😁😁 I hope you have enjoyed my beautiful country of Belize, next time I recommend you Plasencia is a beautiful place where you can spend your vacation.



Great vlog.. bless u bless u bless u all. Great family.super cool vlog .I just loved it .. I cant wait to take my family there .. peace

Author — Star Knight


Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Try to see real Belize

Author — Maja Pušnik


After seing these docomenty my heart want to vist to Belize

Author — Ahsan Attari Rais


Wow great videos of capturing all the things we like to do as well. What kind of camera did you use and is waterproof? Thanks in advance!

Author — michael lascano


Apparently, you have to have a cheesy version of reggae music if you're anywhere in the Caribbean.

Author — Paul Kozar


Well I had an awesome time on this island - met some great people who are from the island - can’t wait to go back

Author — james linkleter


Did you feel safe while on vacation in Belize ?

Author — Corey Holmes


Secret beach is a tourist attraction, they send you out there when you misbehave.

Author — user user


All those fools on their phones at the bar..jeez

Author — Brad Nadeau


Omg I went to that pupuseria in San Pedro. The lady is so nice and the food is delicious. She also makes lobster that is awsome. I fell in love with San Pedro and thinking of going again.

Author — Patricia Herrera


Where did you guys stay and what are some things to do with kids with you

Author — Ponya Santos


How much was the flight back to the city???

Author — Snikaynnek


Can anybody tell me the best ways to get from Belize city to San Ignacio? Also from san Ignacio to San Pedro! I’m having trouble researching it

Author — Courtney Wilson


Must have sucked not being able to walk out into the water at your oceanfront resort. And breathing and smelling the nasty stynch of the toxic sargassma (red algae). Smdh

Author — B O B Spelled backwards


the ''truck stop'', , , , should be bulldozed into the lagoon....right out of the residential neighbourhood,  that it was placed in.

Author — SP mQQse


Do you absolutely have to get a golf cart, or can you choose to walk.

Author — crp 102278


Lol😂..."The Truck Stop"....on a tropical island😂💀

Author — Louis Jordan


I was born in Belize. Its horrible, high crime, boring. San salvador, Costa Rica, mexico and even Guatemala is a much better place. Trust me. San pedro is just as bad as the so called belize city. Belize has become worse that Haiti.

Author — Rommel Navarrette